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Gallardo problem

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by JIMMY_V, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. Need help on Gallardo issue:

    I recently purchased a 2004 Gallardo and have been having some problems in the front end, their seems to be a rattling in front side. My local service shop has had the car in their shop twice (for 3 weeks) to fix this problem and at this point have fixed 50% of the rattle by tightening the sway bar, but the car is still rattling. They say the rest of the rattling is normal. Any owners out their that have this issue of rattling in front end.
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  3. is it when you hit bumps? if it is, its normal, i believe its the bumpstops
  4. Yes, the bigger the bump the louder it is like something is loose.
  5. I have not had this problem
  6. you have not experienced NYC potholes :)

    yes but i think that sound is completely normal or we are experiencing the same problem.
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  8. Mine did it and it was fixed by some mod to front sway bar. I've done a few miles lately and it might be coming back. Not always there, but sometimes.
  9. Never had a rattle on mine, fortunately.
  10. i spoke to the lambo dealership mechanic today, he said there is something he can tighten on the sway bar, so the car will go in and we'll see if it fixes it. the car shows no adverse handling or ride quality as is, but just for piece of mind it will be addressed
  11. They are talking about the sway bar. That is not the problem in my car now.
    They have adjusted and also replaced some screws on the sway bar. This problem in my opinion is not the sway bar.
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  13. I have 9800 miles on mine ..I had a rear sway bar rattle early on not since then anyhow.
  14. Wayne, great to see you are getting plenty of use out of the G. I turned over 16,000km (10,000mi) this morning, so we are neck and neck! :)
  15. You both lose 12,500 miles in just over 4 months!
  16. sway bar bushing could be worn out....try checking with your local authorized Lamborghini Service center.
  17. I have the exact problem. It was present the very first mile I put on my new Gallardo E gear. Took it in for the first checkup. They said they tightened the front sway bar. I picked the car up and it was better, but not totally gone. After appx. 100 miles it fully came back. Now worse than ever.

    I'm taking it back to the dealer next week for repairs again.(2,700mis.)

    My rattle sounds like it's coming from the left front. It sounds to me like it may be part of the front wheel drive running gear. It isn't present at all on smooth roads, but bumpy roads brings this rattle out big time.

    Other than that, I love the car.

  18. Ya mine started with front left now they fixed that and rattle has moved to right side. Sounds worst now.

    I told them the same thing, they said they don't have bushings they have some sort of nylon that acts as the rubber bushing.

    If not for this I love that car.
  19. taking ours in tomorrow to get repaired i'll let you guys know what happens...BTW... it would take a lot more then a noice to make me dislike this car. It would take a murci :)

  20. Hope your repairs are done by New Years. Are you taking it in for the sway bar?
  21. going in for sway bar, waiting while its fixed...they have free espresso!
  22. Over here they don't have open bays, so you drop it off and the car will sit on the front of dealership for 3 days before they get it in, after it goes in, we end up getting back in another 3 days, that's with them doing me a favor.
  23. it would be quicker to flatbed it to lamborghini of bergen county and tell em rob sent ya :)
  24. HI Jimmy,

    That sucks. Is that the best Lamborghini of Dallas can do? I'd never do business like that! I hope they finally get your car fixed.

  25. My car is still rattling, I need to take it back to LOD, but they want to keep the car long to make sure they fix all the problems.
  26. Talked to Jimmy earlier this week. We are just waiting for him to give us a few days with the car to get everything taken care of.
  27. This kind of problem is incredibly hard to diagnose - the stiff unibody transmits noise in funny ways I am sure. My G has some front end noises, too, that I am pretty confident are not sway bar bushings, having had the car in the air myself. I think it could be in the shocks themselves, or perhaps in the control arms or bushings - all very hard to diagnose as it is impossible to put realistic loads into the suspension with the car on a rack. I plan to have this studied when I get to my 7500 mile check, but for now it clearly does not affect the performance of the car one bit and is iaudible with any serious engine rpms or the radio turned up, so I don't sweat it. The car is otherwise perfect and too much a joy to drive to do without while someone chases this noise. I actually hope the noise gets worse and easier to diagnose, so I'd rather just drive.

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