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Gallardo pricing today please!?!?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Cavallino Motors, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. I have a yellow Gallardo that I am supposed to sell (which I only attempt because it is a good customer). I have no idea where prices are on those. Could you guys give me some help here?

    It is a 04 model. It is still unregistered. It has the electronic gearbox. It had a window sticker of $180+ from what I was told. Has 400 Miles.

    Any help is welcomed.
    Also where to advertise this "thing".
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  3. In Aust they are 420K new, wholesale on a 700km car is 270K, with a few in the market already. I thought modern Ferrari V12's were bad, but the Gallardo is the ultimate depreciation king.
  4. i don't mind them, i've got $50 bucks burning a hole in my pocket and a bit of space in the drive. deal?
  5. Hi Martin,

    I've seen:

    sivler 2004 e-gear with 2,032 miles for $175k asking price
    silver 2004 e-gear with 7k miles and custom wheels $167k asking
    black 2004 6-speed with 6k miles 154,950 asking price
    black 2004 e-gear 800 miles $169,900 asking price
    silver 2004 e-gear 2,350 miles $159,900 asking
    Yellow 2004 6-speed 150 miles $164,900 asking
    Black 2004 e-gear 4,744 miles $149,900 asking price

    I think it will help your ad if you make sure to write "thing" ..... LAMBO guys love that :)
    (does look like the "VW Thing" from the 80's when in yellow LOL .....only from the back.)
  6. Martin
    If you want to move it 150K.
    My 2c
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  8. When i was looking last month you could by 04 with less than 1k miles for 155k all day long.

  9. Not Registered - Full Warranty - Egear (an a few other options)

    As Napolis mentioned - you can sell it quickly at 150 - 155.

    Mine I just bought mine and am the first owner - full warranty had every option but e-gear (Sticker for 187K) but had 500 miles- with a dealer connection for 148K (Had it listed for 178K) - this is the best deal I have seen thus far on a "new" one (that was a few months ago now).
  10. Martin
    I think Richard is spot on.

    How are you enjoying your car? For 148K you did real well IMO.

    Best to Both of you
  11. Mine was new purchased today 2005 for 170K almost 10K off sticker, hope this helps.
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  13. Napolis,

    Good to hear from you - I think I did get a great deal as well.

    As you know having many Ferrari's over the past years - I always had a spot in my mind that I wanted a Lamborghini one day - From probably back to when the Muira and early Countach days. But having no knowledge of the Marquee and sticking with what I knew - I never bought one... The gallardo was the perfect Lamborghini for me. Let me cut my teeth without having to go to a Murci. - Good performance, warranty, etc. etc.

    I have now around 1100 miles - just got it back from it's first 1500 mile service - which is an all over check up once the break in is done... (wanted to do it before the nice weather hit). I am impressed with the customer service - they fixed things that I didn't even notice - and did it all for free! (That is something I am not used to :)

    The car is very comfortable, stable, fast and my wife even likes it!!!

    I put an order in for the Gallardo Spider coming out in 06 - I do miss the open top!

    However I think I am going to look at getting a vintage F-car as well - I do miss the interaction with them - "tinkering".

    But overall - the Gallardo has been excellent - and it is a lot of fun to drive... The only down side thus far is that there is no way to be inconspicuous in these things - they stick out much more than I am used to...

    Take care and hope all is well,
  14. Very happy for you. I like the photo's of the G spyder. How's the gearing on the street? Also how's the ground clearance (speed bumps/driveways)?

    PS 170K for an 05 seems like a good price as well.
  15. Rich:

    Congrats on the Gallardo. You can always buy the old "road warriors" sometime down the road. They are also fun !!!!!
  16. Napolis,

    You bring up a good point on another minus. Ground Clearance. The 05's have a suspension lifter (just for that reason) - My 04 going into my driveway is like a well designed ballet (move a little left, sharp right - nice and slow :) - it always lightly touches the aluminium protector under bumper - and makes me cringe every time as well. I meant to have the dealer raise the suspension 1/4" to help with this - I will have to have them do this next time. I have had no issues with Speed bumps at all - but I don't know of any giant ones where I travel - just the normal small ones. It sits a shade lower than my 355 (and that little bit makes a difference in my drive way...)

    The gearing - though tall (specifically 1st gear) - I actually have grown to like it more than the short gearing that I was used to in my 355. Redline in first is around 64mph (give or take) - and for slow city driving - you really just leave it in 1st and nicely cruise at 35mph - no shifting up and down from 1st to 2nd constantly. But the gearing is so tall - unless you are on the highway on a long cruise - 5th and 6th gears are rarely used - I have been in 6th 1 time in a few months of ownership (but I have not been on many long highway drives yet).
  17. For those interested, there is a Metallic Black G with 600 miles on eBay. Having spoken to him, I suspect the dealer would be willing to end the "no reserve" auction in the $153 - $155K range. It's got the Bumble Bee interior, though.

    Martin, I think $155K is a fair price because the car is untitled. If you want to move it tomorrow, price closer to $150K as others have indicated.
  18. Great quote. I made the mistake of driving a Gallardo and Murcielago one year ago and ended up buying a 01 Diablo. Now I have the hots to trade my 01 360 in on a 04 Murcielago. I ventured over to the dark side and now I don't want to go back. BTY I have a deposit on a new 430 for late 06 or early 07 delivery.
  19. It's a scam. Here's what I received back when I inquired about the car for $hits and giggles. I'll be sure to be sending my deposit right away.


    Thank you for contacting me regarding my 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo Gallardo AWD
    I will tell you a few words about the car..
    First of all the car looks just like in the pictures.It is in imaculate condition and has no schrach on and hasn't been involved in any accident. The motor runs very well.The tires are almost new. The title is clear ,it is not a salvage one and can be registred in your name anytime. The car belongs to my brother. He died two weeks ago in a bike accident. The car is now in Palermo, Italy as my brother lived there.I am now here as i took care of the funerals. Because i can't carry all his things back home i am selling them. I am willing to sell it and shipp it to any of the UE countries or to US and Canada.I will not ship to any African,Asian or Eastern European countries.
    I know that the price is low but i have no use for the car and I want to get back home as soon as i sell it. I want to sell the car asap so I am willing to pay the shipping fees nomatter of the location.
    I require a deposit of 5,000 USD with the balance when the car arrive at your shipping door. The total price i hope to sell this car is 120,000 USD .
    I will shipp using KLM 3-5 days, by plane to the nearest airport. From there a truck will bring the car at your door. The money is a reservation for the car. First one who makes the deposit will be the buyer.
    I need the deposit to be sure that you want the car and in order to proceed with shipping and all the aditional export taxes. I wait your further questions and i will provide any infos you need.

    Thank you !

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