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Gallardo Prices

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by scott63, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. What is the current price for a leftover (brand new) 2004 Gallardo? How much of a discount to MSRP is being offered?

    What is a good price for a used 2004 6 speed as well as an e-gear?

    I have seen 2004's with a few thousand miles being advertised with prices in the low $150's on cars with stickers as high as $190K.

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  3. Scott:

    Gallardo prices are on the fall. Try eBay at a local dealer. You can get great deals on new ones or slightly used ones. MSRP runs almost 190K and new ones can be had $20K or more off sticker. Good luck!
  4. A place in Tx has a 180K+ MSRP Gallardo for sale at around 150K. It could probably be had for 5-10K below that.

    But it's used -- 200 miles!

    50K depreciation in a year (counting sales tax) would certainly make me an unhappy first time Lambo owner!
  5. is there a web site link for the above???
  6. I believe he is talking about RPM Sports Cars. They have an orange gallardo for ~150k. The interior on that car is ugly IMHO. ( It's blue and orange. ) I want an orange car but not w/ that interior. I'm going to drive one before purchasing / ordering one though....

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  8. Chris is right...
  9. Thanks chris. I actually like the interior (remember I have a purple diablo).

    Wasnt this Audreys car?
    anyways I am in the market for an egear
    g car since it will be mellys replacement for our maserati.
    Are you looking to replace one of your toys or add one?
    The reason I ask is because the other car in our short list is a CS mel got the bug after we followed you to Ozio for the HRR show.

  10. I completely agree with you on this. That interior is terrible. You have to be a die hard Mets fan to love it!! I think that if the price was down to even $140K or so it would be a tough sell. I have owned a number of exotic cars and you need to stick to the basics with colors or else you will either take a huge bath at resale time or have a much more difficult time selling because you have to find that one person who like orange and blue....
  11. I don't know where you are finding this prices at, but Ebay isn't the place to find out for how much they are selling, some of the Gallardos I see in Ebay are posted over and over with low "buy it now", towards the end of the auction you can see high biddings but then you see them again the next day. I am buying a Gallardo and my local Lamborghini dealer is not lowering the prices of their 04 new or used by much. The best deal for a brand new one until now is %7 of the MSRP. Also this cars base prices for 04 were $169,000 and for 05 they are about $175,000. Also Lamborghini of Bev. Hills told me that they couldn't sell me a car due to the fact that I live within 100 miles from Ultimate Motors Lamborghini dealer.
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  13. The egear adds extra weight! Get a six speed. I'm not sure whether I would be adding or trading a car. The honest answer right now is that it depends on what day you ask me :) I have also been giving some consideration to limiting myself to one car while I'm still single. I've found that the cars can be a little initimidating / overwhelming to women that I'm actually interested in dating.

  14. ahh you are missing the point. the car is for her she cannot drive stick.

    And while I am a Yankee fan, the Islanders Jersey colors are the same as that car.
  15. all makes sense now :)

  16. In the NY area the same cars sit week after week unsold. It could be the winter but 140K for one with a few miles wouldn't surprise me. There is a black Murcie that's been at a dealer around here for weeks 10K miles price dropped to 190K still unsold as far as I know.

    Ugly color? I'd try 125K. Look at the 40th Anniv. Murcie unsold asking around 240K.
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    I have an 04' Gallardo in the same color combo, with the orange/blue interior. It is not terrible BTW. As far as resale goes, WHO CARES! You lose your ass on these cars anyway. You don't need to be a Mets fan to appreciate the interior. (although my neighbor plays for the Detroit Tigers and he LOVES the colors :) ) Don't get an e-gear so some girl can drive it!!!!! WHY are you with someone who can't drive a 6-speed anyway? It is your car because you are paying for it Ciao! The six speed is the way to go. Just tech her to drive a stick (not on a Lambo of course) and then enjoy the car together. *mrmckay - why do you feel cars intimidate girls you are interested in?
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  18. Mel does not want to learn stick Belive me I tried.
    She loves her CC in the spyder and wants to step up to either a fcar or gcar.
    Her 450 hp grocery getter Cayenne is not enough for her.Nd plus I use the F1 cars to help teach Spiro my four year old how to drive (feet cannot reach clutch)
    Are you going to that Tekademics premier in DC?
  19. with the bump up in power coming on the new ones, the 04/05s, etc will be obliterated (further that is).
  20. Yes I will be at the premiere in DC.
  21. I just did not want to be the first to say it so I said 20K+ off sticker but I agree. Most are able to be had at $30K or more off sticker. A friend of mine is looking at one for $150K that is new.
  22. After just 3 days of research, I have also found new 04 Gallardo's that are being sold for more than $30K from sticker. I found one yesterday (that I may buy) that is being discounted $38,000. This is definately not the same experience I had with my 360. I bought it new and sold it at a profit much later even after factoring in the sales tax.

    I don't really get it because I think the Gallardo is a great car. It is different from the 360 (in some ways better and in some ways it is not as good) but still a very desirable exotic in my mind. Unfortunately, the market has spoken and the demand just isn't there for the car.

    Once the Gallardo's go out of warranty, they will be down at least another $25K and that is only one year away for the 04's.

  23. In what dealership did you find those deals? I am in the market for a brand new Galardo and I can't find any deals, maybe $6,000 off the asking price.
  24. how much it the list on the car? 38 kcould put it in the 140 range!!!!
  25. If you are looking at a 2005, you will only get up to $10K off. If you are looking for a 2004 you can get these deals. Personally, I think you are much better off looking at a 2004 with a few hundred miles. These can be had in the $140's. To me, it's not really worth it to spend the extra money because the car was never used. Look at the RPM sportscar site mentioned earlier in this thread. Ray is selling a 2004 for over $30k off sticker. You can probably get another $5K off and the car has 100 miles on it. I have purchased a car from Ray and he is easy to deal with and his cars are flawless. Also check out Lamborghini of Atlanta and ask for Chris as well as Lambo of Bergen County in NJ. It will not take much work to realize a lot of savings. For your best deal, prepare to pay cash and go to the dealership in person so they know you are a real buyer.
  26. The car has a $190K sticker, it is an e-gear car.
  27. Audrey and MK we can all meet at Dustins early to go to the party. Im going to talk to Dustin to set up a drive. Let me know if you guys are intrested.

  28. Antony Now you are talking.
    The wifey and I will be there for an exotic car caravan to the party.
    Should we bring one or both?

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