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Gallardo prices a year from now?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Leica, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. What do you reckon a one year old Gallardo with about 4k miles will go for?

    Already, brand new examples are going for $10-15k less than MSRP!

    You reckon one could be had for $120-130K a year from now??? I do..
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  3. Where have you seen a G car ,new,at 155-160k?Low MSRP(old price)is 171k,for a 6 speed.Or a used G car ,that much below?I have seen a couple of used going for 2-4k below original msrp.I wouldnt hold on to the hope of 120-130k in a year.With the price increases,150 maybe.
  4. Bear in mind that a Murci is only a little bit more. A decent Murci can be had today for $200K. Is it worth paying $160-170K for a Gallardo today, when for just a bit more you can have a Murci?

    A year from now, $150K for a Gallardo, I don't think so. $140K tops I reckon and maybe even as low as $120K...
  5. A new Murci is over 280k!I have no idea what you are talking about.Are you comparing an 02 Murci with 30k miles to an 04 Gallardo,new?And please,tell me where you can find a NEW G car for 155-160?That was your original post.Now you are saying 160-170.I still challenge the 160.Show me.
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  7. "A year from now, $150K for a Gallardo, I don't think so. $140K tops I reckon and maybe even as low as $120K"

    What do you base that on?You dont even know what they sell for now.
  8. 6.0 se, please calm down!

    The latest issue of Autoweek has a new Gallardo for $9K less than MSRP. Since that is retail I am sure trade or a bit of haggling would get you $15K less than MSRP. So it was based on that.

    I never said a "new" Murci. I said a "nice" Murci. I saw one 2003 with about 8K miles for $229K. So I assume a nice 2002 or 2003 would trade these days at around $200K.

    OK? Take it easy... There is NO need to be rude!
  9. Im not being rude,you are just saying stuff without any basis,and Im calling you out.Show me the G cars 10-15k below MSRP.That would be 155-160.
  10. if a could get a g car in one year for 120k, i will buy 10!!!! i agree with aj, that they will be around 150k, esp with the price increases..but then again , trying to predict used exotic car prices is like trying to predict the stock market..on one knows for sure.... and btw... aj has never been rude or made any derogatory statements to anyone on this web site...even when they have made stupid inflammatory comments like i have in the past...repect his lambo and auto opinions, he knows a lot and is will to share in knowledge
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  12. I can tell you in the uk used cars are going for over list. The amount depends on spec. Popular colours and specs are going for as much as 15k over list with upto 2000 miles on the clock. The least u can expect to pay is 2/3k over list if your not picky on colour and options.

    The Murci is also holding its price very well here. Low mileage 1 year old cars are selling for close to list.

    The 575 is available for 10k under list, which is to be expected as its due to be replaced shortly (always a killer for cars in this segment).

    The 360 Modena is going for 2/10k (one month/six month lead time) under list (import), list for uk cars. One year old examples are available for similar prices (UK cars).

    The Spider can be bought for list. Under list for EU import with 3 month lead time. Used spiders vary in price spread. With some only 2k under list others upto 10k under list, for very similar cars. This may be due to optimistic/desperate sellers.

    Ofcourse if you go to a main dealer ur gonna get raped with all these cars, lol.

    On the continent residuals on everything are poor. But these are LHD cars ofcourse. This is not suprising considering even the 360 only commanded premiums for the first year on the continent.

    The most suprising price I found was a Stradale from a main dealer at list price, with 3k on the clock and 5 months old. Mayb the ceramic brakes were shot to pieces.

    The poor Ferrari prices are probably as much to do with the imminent replacement of the models, as the competition from Lambo and the rest.

    Traditionally the uk has the best residuals on these specialist cars (worst for everyday fords etc). Probably because we're a geographically isolated RHD market. But I suspect how well the Gallardo performs will have a lot to do with the 360 replacement. Although I very much doubt prices will crash until vehicles start to become out of warranty, if at all.

    To qualify my comments: My dealer grossly misrepresented the delivery date on my Gallardo and I have spent the last 6 weeks looking for an alternative. So these prices are what I have been quoted in my search.
  13. I to was looking for a gallardo to replce the 355 as i dont like the 360.

    I think the issue is that in the UK you have only 2 dealers and the cars they have ( used ones) have been bought by speculators who require a profit and these cars are NOT selling.

    I think in the UK the car is WAY overpriced it should be around 996tt money and I think the car that is today £129,000 will be £100K trade within a year. There is simply no way the present prices are justified in my opinion
  14. great review of uk f and l car prices!!!! thanks for the info!!!!it is interesting how supply and demand varies form country to country and effects prices
  15. Excellent post 5to1.Very informative.Thank you.
  16. Thank you.I really appreciate that.
  17. The problem IMHO for all of these cars is not when they are one year old. The real crash in prices will come when they are off warrantee. IMHO they will not be worth owning. This goes for Lambo, F, P, etc.,etc., etc. Esp. egears. These newer cars all have WAY too much computer crap that doesn't always work and will cost a fortune to repair off warrantee. Consider the Enzo. I believe a well known UK chap (Slo Hand) had a fan relay go. Before he could shut down the engine was toast. 200K. Enzo owners would do well to make sure they comply with the fan/relay recall. Off warantee all of these cars will be a disaster.
  18. "Off warantee all of these cars will be a disaster."

    Anyone interested in buying an 03 360? :)
  19. I agree with original post.

    Dealers can't even GIVE Murcis away! I'm talkin not even 50K below sticker. You can get a Murci with a couple hundred miles for 215K, and if the damn thing has a couple thousand miles, you're lookin at under 200K. How do I know? Just look at the market. Talk to Lambo dealers. Of course, I am referring to the market in the United States. Wan't a 40th Anniversary Murci? Dealers will DONATE it to you!

    The Gallardo hasn't been very successful at all--at least not compared with the standards set by Ferrari. They don't sell over list, and they're sitting everywhere. Lambo flooded the market early and ruined the car's exclusivity in my opinion.

    I "reckon" ;-) that a Gallardo with, say, 8,000 miles on it a year from now will be worth, wholesale, about 120 thousand dollars. In two years, figure 100K! Unless Lambo cuts down production, which they won't, these cars will be everywhere, and supply will exceed demand. I believe supply exceeds demand right now.
  20. I am a buyer RIGHT NOW on the 215k Murci with a couple hundred miles.Or I would be a buyer on a 2000 mile car for under 200k.Please point me to those cars.And if you agree with the original post,then you agree that there are NEW G cars for 155-160.I will take one of those also.Please help,cause I cant find them. Thank you. A.J.(no sarcasm intended,for real)
  21. A.J., are you looking only at asking prices on the internet? If so, shame on you...

    You know very well exotic cars guys can't get anything NEAR what they ask for preowned cars... I know for sure that Manhattan Motorcars has a Murci with a few miles on it, asking 215K...

    Gallardos can't sell, hence they will sell under sticker. Especially with a few hundred miles. They are so prevalent I don't even need to elaborate. Make some phone calls or visit some dealerships; this is all true.
  22. Of course not,I know many of the top dealers in the US.I bought and sold high end cars for alot of years,and really,if you can find a 200 mile Murci for 215,that would be amazing.And I was referring to BRAND NEW G cars for 155-160,which was the original post.If you know of some,I ask again,because I have spoken to almost all Lambo dealers in the last 2 weeks.(other than west coast). I will call Manhattan right now on the 200 mile Murci for 215.Thanks.

    PS I just talked to them,and they do have a BLK/BEIGE 02 with 300+change for 219,that they say they have very little play in.So Im guessing 215 would be the #.They dont have any pics,but said they will get me some.Blk would be the ONLY color I probably wouldnt buy,but we will see.
  23. Isn't talk cheap??
    If you can't afford to buy one talk about it and how cheap they will be in the future(which you probably still can't afford).
  24. A.J:

    I think black is horrible. I didn't know any details about the car. Find the right color for yourself.

    I don't have a problem with the 40th Anniversary color. If you like that car, my guy at Manhattan Motorcars said somethin about a HUGE discount on them. "Can't even donate them," he said.

    Keep me posted.
  25. one for sale in CT for $155,000.00 1100 miles 2004 silver red stick.G that is.
  26. Thank you.I really want brand new.
  27. And they are selling Gallardo's at MSRP. Granted, I have seen some out there for a few bucks less being that hey have a few miles on them. I wanted to know how long it would take for delivery of a car to my spec and he said a couple of months. I was surprised to hear that thinking that it would take much longer. You are obvioulsy right about the number of Gallardo's in the market right now. I have also seen newer Murci's in the low $200's. They are out's just a question of find the one that YOU want.

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