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Gallardo Owners: Opinions wanted for product development ------------

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ryalex, Jan 6, 2005.

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    I've been brainstorming ideas for product offerings for the Gallardo; I've been looking at the OEM trim - bumpers, rocker panels etc. and trying to see what different looks people might be interested in.

    My big question is regarding the front end - do you think that Gallardo owners would be interested in a carbon fiber nose/front bumper that was less angular but had more sharp, sweeping curves?

    Edit: This 2 minute sample is just to show the type of idea I'm talking about.
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  3. nice stuff for 430. will same fit on 360? cant find anything on lambo.
  4. I want to retrofit it to mount on the 360, as an 'upgrade' of sorts. But I'm waiting to get my hands on an actual 430 to make the parts look just right.

    Before I throw down a real image of what I'm doing, I want to see what direction Gallardo owners want to go in - more angular, or more curvy.
  5. I think the big thing is not what it looks like but more so what it costs, i know someone was selling a body kit for the G but they wanted well over $20,000k for it. So the answer is how much it appeals will depend on what it costs.
  6. How about something to replace the plastic grills?
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  8. I will be buying a Gallardo soon but I care more for interior carbon parts.

  9. Seriously, the grill is plastic?

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