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Gallardo or 6.0?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Juice It, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. Which is the better pick for the same money? Assuming the 6.0 is a 5k or lower mile car and Gallardo just delivery miles.
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  3. That's a tough one. If you like the styling of the Gallardo, I'd say go Gallardo. I've never really been a big fan of the Diablo, but for some people it is the ultimate exotic. Drive both, and make your choice, you can't go wrong with either car. For me, I'd pick the Gallardo.
  4. 6.0

    Also 6.0 has already taken a hit or two out of the depreciation.

    Much "more" of a car. Undoubtedly their will be more investment in materials.

    The cars really have different missions. You cannot go wrong with
    either. I have heard nothing but good things about the Gallardo.
  5. Tough call. For me it would depend on many factors, such as the fact that you'll get a warranty with the Gallardo and not with the 6.0. I love the 6.0, but it, like other Diablos, just don't seem practical to me, meaning I would be very selective on when & where I drove it, whereas the Gallardo could basically be used as a daily driver.
  6. Gallardo: Faster (around a track; don't know about straight line) and more modern technology

    6.0: Style, style, style

    If it were my choice: 6.0, any day
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  8. Where's Ellen when you actually need him?
    The Diablo kicks the Gallardo's butt in a straight line and vice versa on a track. The Gallardo is a bit numb in steering feel and overall feedback and also has shocking clearance for the front spoiler, with no hydraulic lifting mechanism. I had aluminium bash plates added to help minimise any damage that the invariable real world driving incidents will cause.
  9. Just by looks, most would probably lean toward a Diablo. However, today I was at an audio shop, and there were 3 Gallardos in the back. An employee started one and it was awesome. It kinda sounded like a refined motorcycle, it was very appealing. So if I had a choice, I would take the Gallardo and the advantages that have come with Audi's involvement.
  10. 6.0 all the way. I have done some long drives in both on winding roads. 6.0 all the way. It's one of the most underrated cars out there.
  11. Diablo is faster, but Gallardo will be quicker on track. Both are awesome. I look at them all, the Murci, the Gallardo and the DIablo, as 3 seperate cars. I want them all.
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  13. Allan, I had breakfast this weekend with a friend who had a Diablo SV in the past, he told me that although he thinks the Diablo is the best looking, the Murci is the best drive.
  14. Gallardo looks like a pocket racer and 6.0 looks more like a Supercar to me

    It's really a tough choice, if I have to make one, I would go for the Gallardo.
  15. FWIW, I think the 6.0 is the best looking contemporary Lambo, although i like the little Gallardo too.

    I'd go 6.0 with my money though.
  16. 6.0 low mileage in mint would be my choice.
  17. 6.0 end of
  18. Gallardo would be my choice.
  19. Diablo, any Diablo IMHO!
  20. 6.0 all the way. Nicest modern day Lambo IMO
  21. 6.0.Without a doubt the best car I have ever owned.
  22. six point zero.
  23. absolutely SeiZero, no contest, the diablo is so much more visceral and mean looking and most importantly, the last all italian lambo
  24. Save some more money then get a Murcie and you will have the best of both.

  25. Not a big Gallardo fan myself. Will take a 6.0 any day. Even the name Diablo sounds better IMHO.
  26. True dat.

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