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Gallardo on the track (Mallory Park)

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by jamesketchell, Oct 5, 2004.

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  2. Good stuff, James! I see a 911 in the background. How did the Gallardo fare in comparison to the other cars on the track? When I had the opportunity to drive the Gallardo on an ALMS track in Canada (Mosport), I was very impressed.
  3. Very nice James!!!
  4. It's Great to see these cars used in the manner intended!
  5. Looking at these photos, I realize how much I love the hind-quarters on the Gallardo. Beautiful.
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  7. Cheers guys.

    The car did great in the dry there was nothing there really to touch it, other than a few track day special caterhams, and even then i could keep touch on the wide sweeping bends and long straights.

    Then we had a spell of rain for about an hour and only myself and a friend of mine in the Turbo 4 went out. The car was incredible, where he had tail sliding action i didn't even have a traction light displayed. I'm beginning to wonder whether the lamp is faulty on the instrument panel ;-)

    Drove the 170 miles home and the car felt great. No offence to the Ferrari owners here but my 360 used to get brake fade badly after track use and the G car managed 35 laps + yesterday and feels solid as a rock. Thank you Audi!!!
  8. Great photos, what a treat! It looks like they were taken by a professional photog! Nice work.

    Glad to hear the Gallardo lived up to expectations. Interesting note about the 360 and break fade..
  9. There was a photographer on track with a digital camera and monitor. He was taking shots of all the cars. I bought the disk of him of my car which had 26 shots on it. Nice souvenir i thought.
  10. Anyone watch the SCCA GT and Le Mans Lambo race last weekend?!?!

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  12. great pictures!!!
  13. Awesome!!!!

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