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Gallardo Nav option?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Juice It, Jul 12, 2004.

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  2. Anyone?.....
  3. I'm curious as well. I like the looks of the dash pod with the nav system in it.
  4. Wonder what they did with sound system components.
    Guess they figured if you aren't sure where you are then you don't need a sound system?
  5. Sound System is most likely controlled on the same screen the Nav uses. Most likely a touch screen. Also I bet Nav is option on European-only Lambos and not available over in the States. Too bad because it looks great. If you had a Gallardo you may able to buy the Euopean Nav System and install it and get it to work if you are able to get the correct DVD or CD for your region. I remember reading how someone bought the European Nav system for VW's R32 and installed it in a US R32. It was a CD based Nav system. Then he bought a CD that had US Map information and it worked. Here is a link if you want to read about it:

    More pics can be found here too:

    Some research into the Gallardo's Nav might show that it uses the same software used on the Audi A8L. I am sure someone will be able to figure it out.
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  7. WOW... That interior is perfect with that navigation system and the color combo is one of the best. I have to admit being a Ferrari lover that the Gallardo is far superior to the 360 in terms of interior,performance and you can argue with looks.
  8. Nav is not an option on the Gallardo currently. Had problems with it integrating with the system bus in the U.S. Don't know why. I don't think that is the nav system. I was at the launch for that car in Italy and I have almost 8 hours behind the wheel, in the passenger seat of that car and mine had nav. It did not look like that exactly, it had a different knob for the display and a little different setup. The stereo does operate with the nav screen though. It is a cool looking option and it really cleans up the center display area.

  9. In the thread I took those pics from the guy had just bought the car with Nav and said he hadn't used it much but so far it worked great. Hope they iron it out quickly for the states. Don't know why the location would make a difference though. They probably just don't want to piss off 04 purchasers by bringing it in halfway through the year.

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