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Gallardo launch video

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by robiferretti, Nov 19, 2004.

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  2. You know, I wish the germans and italians built better trannies/clutches. I loved doing burnouts with my american cars...

    Scared to death to do it on porsches, and I here ferraris are worse. To bad, its a lot of fun...

    I wonder how long that guy's clutch will 9000$ or so to replace, thats a very expensive burnout...
  3. thats not a burnout, thats an E-gear controlled AWD Gallardo Launch
  4. Crack..............hidden in his wheel well!!!!
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  6. LOL... that's what i thought
  7. Oh so that was the plastic touching the rubber in the wheel well im confused... Lol
  8. no it was just a piece of plastic in teh way of the car at some point the tires were spinning fast enough to chew it up and spit it out the back, giving you the effect you saw
  9. yup ... that car will be posted on E-bay with only 500 pampered miles ...
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  11. $9,000 for a Gallardo clutch parts and labor? Where did you get that info from?

  12. $9000? I'll do it for $8999 anyday. :) Try about $3500-$4000.

  13. Given that no one else did: I would like to thank Rob for posting that video.

    That is the most awesome Gallardo vid I have seen period. That launch is awesome. Love the plate, thats a classic.

    Keep up the good work Rob!
  14. car gets driven car has 7000+ miles already
  15. File not found...error :(
  16. Looks like he had to put something (cardboard? plastic?) underneath the wheels to get them to spin.
  17. Sure it's not the stickers off a new set of tires?
  18. it was just crap on the pavement
  19. Rob do you have the Murcielago launch video?
  20. The clutch for a stick shift Gallardo is $1,500 for bearing assembly and $3,100 for the clutch and pressure plate so thats $4,600 in parts, the labor is around 20 hours and it is $2,200, so at the end is about $6,800 and that isn't cheap at all, isnt this about the same amount as for a Countach clutch and labor? Maybe at the end of things is better to buy a Countach for $80,000 than the Gallardo at $165,000 base price. I got the info form Ultimate Motors.
  21. Not yet rehan, you volunteering ? :)
  22. that clip is pretty much
    right in line with the
    machine gun strip
    wish I saw this one first
  23. No i was talking about the official Launch video made my Lamborghini when they first introduced the Murcielago. I downloaded it from but it does not work properly. Wondering if you had a working copy of it.
  24. Thats exactly what it was. A napkin or something.
  25. I do, but i want to launch your car too, tomorrow morning we are doing a top speed run in the Gallardo want in?

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