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Gallardo is sinking

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by wings, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. Checking with various sources across the country the general consenus is that the Gallardo market is weaking and MSRP deals are the norm right now. Forget about paying over!
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  3. "Sinking "is a term most appropriately used when describing a manufacturers
    market share loss...i.e. Ferrari loosing buyers to Lamborghini!

    Hey that is the way it should be! I NEVER pay over MSRP for anything!
    Remember MSRP is going up 3-8% first week in March I hear .
    Lamborghini purposley flooded the mkt tempoarily to get these cars on the street. Create the demand regulate the supply. It's even rumored
    that production is already cut back to create a 3-4 month wait.
    Some people think i.e. die-hard Ferrari buyers that the product is Soooo
    good that they have to wait 1-2 or 3 years to buy a damn car! Not me !!
    I couldn't wait another 8 months to get my CS why should I?
    Give the market 6-9 months I predict there will be NO wait for a 360
    Coupe and when the Gallardo Spider is introduced no wait for a 360 Spider?
  4. Guys
    Take a look at VW's #'s in today's WSJ. Note what the Euro/$ did to them. Look at the special charge of 600+million for Brazil and luxury car development. Note what happened to their dividend, cut for the first time in ten years. Note their net profit down 90+%.
    As Bob said: "It's a hard rain that's gonna fall"
    and it's gonna fall on a lot of car co.'s.
    Wayne I think I met you at Woodstock.
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    You recognized me from my photo? my hair is shorter now!
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  6. Anybody ever tell you that you look like the music video director "Wayne Isham"? Saw him on "Making the Video" a couple of times and you remind me of him quite a bit.
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  8. cool jacket Wayne :cool: What is it there high 60's?
  9. Alas my friend so is mine.
    Hey that was really something when Jimi played the Star Spangled Banner wasn't it?

  10. Murcie... no Morning temps high 50's..I can't find a Lamborghini
    jacket I like yet.....JUST THE CAR!
    This is as close I get to "equal time" the 550 dormant in the garage!
  11. Actually ,I was only there "in spirit"! I was only pulling your chain about my hair being longer then...Really MUCH shorter.....I was A Navy pilot flying combat missions in a useless,hands tied "war"!
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  13. Wayne
    As Joan sung to Bob.
    "Get down to the water now.
    The fruit of the summer is low on the bough.
    All of your history will follow you there,
    and the winds of the old days will blow through your hair."
  14. Napolis
    Seeing your photo reminds me ..I used to drive a GT-40 to work in oakland Calif 20 years tickets (I had straight pipes) etc.

    Think my most outrageous commute car was a Lola T-70 open car.
    One of only six I think Ford powered open cars...memories!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I got a good dsicount to MSRP on a demo.
  16. I would probably want them to hook a computer up to the car and show me
    engine data on a "demo". These cars usually haven't been following break-in procedures and you are going to inherit that.
  17. I bet Allan is upset.
  18. the market weakening? the market in general or the demand on the lambo?

    i had mentioned in a previous thread that steve barney (sport auto, greensboro, nc) has over 35 pre sold. now i hear that he to has been selling at close to or at msrp.

    the demand remains quite strong gallardo so i hear.

    jim and wayne you all make me jealous...street driving gt 40's and t-70's...


    i still get a kick out of the article in vintage motorsports and how the writer remembers seeing the mark IV roaring around central park...i too would have **** my pants!!!

    best guys,


  19. Why would i be upset? I hope the price drops quickly, that way i can add another car to my collection.
  20. Allan, are you going for the Gallardo or are you going to buy a 996TT and modify it?
  21. 996TT.
  22. Which already modified 996TT are you "copying"? I saw it once via a silly "Allan's posting on yet another forum" thread, but can't recall.
    Regardless, it was quite a greater-than-the-sum-of-it's-parts package that guy had put together.
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    My 996 TT had 560 HP you'll love it but...I love the Gallardo more. I'll just add 100 ponies somehow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  24. Ill see if i can find the website with the fellows car. he posts here sometimes.

    Banana Boat, start with air filters and exhaust. If one is not available, have it custom made.

  25. Good point, I thought just Ferrari guys were looking for deals.

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