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Gallardo is back home!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. The boys at Symbolic were great..they worked
    a little after hours to finish with the EGEAR
    upgrade.After a 3 1/2 hour greyhound ride
    (which could be the subject of a new sitcom) I arrived at 9:30 PM. After scaling an 9' high fence finding the keys (which they hid oh so well) I was OFF!

    First thing I did was attempt 6 "performance
    launches" in a row. I decided if it if
    the car didn't do them, I was just going to leave it there and take the "dog" home.

    Went off as advertised in the owners manual burnring rubber and all! My 0-60 is now not an embarrsament!

    Probably my standing mile will improve greatly also now that I'm really launching!

    No more jerky lurching in first or reverse. Almost too smooth.
    I think they slip the clutch a bit to accomplish this? Not sure how this will affect clutch longevity?
    I did notice if you tap the throttle slightly
    in engages more qiuckly not quite as smooth but if your are not parking or in tight quarters this is what I would do.

    Before EGEAR grade D after Egear upgrade A.

    Now on downshifts it is was unbelieveable....just
    like the Valentino video a downshift a brief yet very noticeable rpm blip. This is going to sound just incredible with test pipes.

    You know I see this product and I compare it to the one I tolerated for 4100 miles and I feel cheated. But now I'm walking advertisement for EGEAR!!

    I don't know if this would solve Doug Rogers situation maybe it would?

    If you drove this no way would you want a 6 speed!!!

    I'll do more testing tommorrow.
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  3. Good, glad its fixed. I didnt want to be riding in a slow car next month!!
  4. A.J. if you are not driving in running of the Bulls I have vacant seat
    The wife is working that week.

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