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Gallardo going 'UNDER THE KNIFE"

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Feb 22, 2005.

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    Ok this morning I made the decision and gave the go-ahead
    for the twin turbos! It will be 3 weeks before they pickup the car
    and up to 3 months after that before surgery is complete.
    I want MINIMUM 150 more HP.This should easy to do from a output standpoint. The Project will be exactly that a PROJECT! I'll post progressive teardown/ progress photos.
    Installing a new clutch while I'm at it. Anyone know if a more durable one
    is available or can be constructed to work with my E-gear?
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  3. Way Cool! I'd see if tildon makes a clutch that will fit. Good LUCK!!
  4. Would you be interested in a new carbon fiber bumper? One with a more aggressive look?
  5. I have a call into them. Centerforce does not.
  6. Holy cow. Can't wait to see this one. Play on playa!
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  8. You know what size turbo you going to use? Boost? I would like be updated on the car..

    I love the funny

  9. Pistons will be 9 to 1.Other detauils still to be determined.
  10. God I can't wait to see some results from this. Are you the first person to do this to a gallardo?
  11. Awesome! Who is performing the surgery? And why is it taking 3 months?
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  13. I think so?
  14. That is awesome man. If your correct that that makes you the first man in the world to ever do this, that's kinda cool.
  15. Jason Heffner. He is designing EVERYTHING from scratch. computer interfacing engine Dissassembly,blueprinting.

    it may be quicker but I'M NOT GOING to rush him. I want it PERFECT
    and so does he!

    I'm sure subsquent installs will follow the mold and be quickly done.
    It is the first guy that has to endure the R&D.
  16. Wow I always wonderd about a Twin Turbo Gallardo. Any info on possible HP/TQ numbers yet. ?
  17. No but I told him if I can't get at LEAST a 150HP gain Forget about it.
    He seemed to think that was reasonable. He'll dyno tune and I'll be posting results.
    Hell I'm tired of waiting for a FORD GT besides this car is so sweet now,
    I'm having wet dreams imaging 675-700 HP! Hey I'm 60 years old
    and those dreams aren't as frequent any more!
  18. You want 150Hp increase? I wouldn't worry.

    Honda Civics can get close to that on a medicore SINGLE turbo setup.

    REALLY interesting projects, we'll need all the pictures and videos you can take! :)
  19. Yea but Honda Civics aren't tuned from the factory as well as a Lambo is.
  20. Cast iron Exhaust manifolds are less prone to crack, like tubular exhaust turbo manifold......get a ballbearing turbo (faster Spool up)......larger injectors.......if the Gallardo block is Aluminium, you may want to get Iron ductile sleeves so you can crank the boost way high......water injection is a good idea as boost controller.......knife edge the crank to release unsprung weight..........sorry wet dream........
  21. Good choice in using Jason. Have no fear he is THE MAN
    ///MK (ex viper owner)
  22. Good luck man!!

  23. Good luck Wayne.......I wish you well with your HP quest and look forward to reading your follow up that you post here !!!

    And.......great license plate I might add !!!!
  24. Given that the car currently makes 500hp at 14.7 psi (atmospheric pressure), if the compression ratio stayed the same (which it isn't) it would only require about 4.5 lbs of boost to produce a 150 hp increase.
    Given the piston change, I expect he is planning on a bit more than that. Is he thinking about 8-10 psi? If so, 700 hp would be EASY.
  25. Incredibly Easy.
  26. Wow, congratulations and good luck. Let us in on the technical side of things if you can, looks like a great project.
  27. That is outstanding. Twin Turbo's is an excellent addition to any motor that is a V8 or larger.

    As far as performance wise, a 150hp increase would be about right on a mild amount of boost, being 5-7psi. As far as 4.5psi making 150whp more, I really don't see that happening, as that would give a 34whp increase per 1 psi. The best systems in the world average around 20-24whp/1psi.

    If you really wanted to make power, a larger single turbo would be your best bet. But then you lose driveability and the powerband is nothing until boost is achieved.

    IMO, a set of GT40's or GT42 ball bearing turbo's, Turbosmart Pro-Gate wastegate, and forged internals could create 10psi and net upwards of 700hp. WHP wise, you are probably looking to net at least a 175whp gain. But that is really speculative without seeing a baseline dyno.

    If possible, could you post up the initial dyno results? A baseline dyno would be great for a starting point.

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