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Gallardo exhaust comparison

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Sep 7, 2004.

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    First clip Larini Sport exhaust with test pipes

    second clip Borla with cats
    3rd clip file too large

    These taken at my BBQ party last night.
    I can't seem to view them here?
    If you are interested go to the Lamborghini talk board all three play there
    for some reason?
    Image Unavailable, Please Login
    Image Unavailable, Please Login
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  3. I liked the Borla clip best. Borlas sounded great at low RPMs...IMO. Now I'm curious what clip 3 sounds like.

    EDIT: Just heard the 3rd clip. Liked that one the best (Tubi). Anyone run the Al Burtoni exhaust setup yet?
  4. the borla sounded pretty sweet, but the larini i was in love with. maybe it was because of how the guy was revving the borla. there was one time in there where he took it from low rpm on up and it sounded bad!! the way he was constantly just blipping the throttle it didn't sound as good imo. i liked them both though.

    in my opinion, the larini takes the crown on this one. thanks for posting.
  5. It would be lovely to also have a Tubi file next to these two for comparison sake. The problem is I already ordered the Tubi for my G. Now that I hear the Borlam I think it sounds good in a different way, and it mixes the sweetness of Ferrari's Tubi with the toughness of the Lambo original very well. While the Tubi for G may be tuned more toward the Ferrari's sweetness.
  6. Wayne also posted on www.lambo****** The 3rd clip is the Tubi exhaust and it sounded the best by far.

    NOTE: Fill in the *'s with "rghini"
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  8. Sound is a matter of opinion I guess. I like Larini best then Borla.
    One thing is certain they all sound better than ANY 360 system
  9. After listenting to Waynes Larini, I finally ordered exhaust and test pipes for my Diablo, that just put it over the top.

  10. Be sure and sound clip it. It took me too long to get around to doing it.
    But when I had 4 different exhaust systems at my house that was the perfect time.4 Gallardos..4 different after market exhuasts!
    The 4th one didn't work for some reason...Probably operator malfunction.

    I never could get a sound clip from Larini for my system. I just took a shot.
    They should probably pay me HA!
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