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Gallardo effect on Ferrari

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. Is it effecting Ferrari sales yet?
    I doubt it as there are too many blind loyalists.A number of members did
    however, cancell 360CS orders to buy a Gallardo.It has definitely effected the future development car,
    as they scrambled back to the drawing board to
    answer the Gallardos performance.

    Has it been a marketing disaster as one of our illustrious Fchaters has suggested? I don't think so.
    THis was taken from L-talk

    I would like to elaborate some more.Within a week of buying my Gallardo i took 2 friends out for a drive.The first one owned a 360 spider,the second a 355 and a 360.
    Well guess what,the spider got traded in for a Gallardo and the second guy has a Gallardo on order???
    I wonder why?They must be really boring cars?
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  3. competition is ALWAYS a good thing!

    i'm glad that lambo is pushing hard so there's yet more fire under ferrari's behind to go the distance.

    but i wouldn't read a ton into a few guys swapping out X for Y. i mean, for starters X ended up in some other guy's hands (it's not like these guys sent their 360s to the local auto crusher!!!) and some of us swap cars more often than we get haircuts, so if not Y then Z or A or B.

  4. HEY my long hair and revolving garage door resents that remark!!! HA!
  5. Wayne
    There's no question that Audi/VW's involvement with Lambo and the G are having an effect on Ferrari. Without the G I'm sure the 430 would have less HP. IMO the larger problem for the Mfg's. (and the gain for us) is the number of 200K cars chasing buyers. You like the G, others like a 360/430 spyder. They're both great cars. Audi needs to sell a LOT of Lambo's if the investement they made is going to pay off. Ferrari doesn't need to sell any more cars than they do to make profits as much of their profit comes from licencing. F1 racing creates a HUGE demand for Ferrari licenced products.
    The one thing that is fact as opposed to preference (someone likes a G better than a 360cs) is that the value of 360's have remained strong and there is already a line to buy the new 430 and if you want a G you can buy several today at or below msrp. and if you want a Murcie you can get several today at below msrp.
  6. speaking of swapping cars etc, doody are you getting a GT3 still? or is it changed to a 360CS?
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  8. nice objective statement!!!!
  9. wayne, i would have bought the g car except i wasnt crazy about the styling, even though i love the murci styling... this is just a matter of personal perferance...its a car you can buy for at or near msrp, and is very well built and with a great engine... the best of both v12s and v8s..its a great choice for a practical exotic...a good deal for the money... put for me, esp with an exotic, you have to love , just not like the styling..i believe the 2 g cars i drove were better built than the 3 360s i had experience with
  10. Trying to determine if you were being serious?
  11. I think it is minorly effecting Ferrari sales. I couldn't imagine however, cancelling a 360CS order to buy one. I would take the Stradale any day over the beautiful Gallardo. It is more of a racing machine, which i like. The Gallardo has to much German engineering for my tastes. Although i like it, i would pick the 360CS over it without thinking.
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  13. Exactly!!!! Not thinking????
  14. the old foot in the mouth disease!!!
  15. LMAO!! Doug, whats wrong with you? LOL
  16. I've never bought a car by thinking. I have bought them by feeling...
  17. I disagree with you Wayne. The Gallardo is a copy with a less attractive design from the Murcellago. It just like the 348 is from the Tesstarosa. 360 all the way.
    I agree that the Gallardo is best for publish service car like police car. It is design for chasing, never leading.
  18. You should say"in my opinion", because not many agree with your statements.
    Do you have a 360? See here's the problem. Wayne owns a Gallardo. He has owned until recently a late model F car. He has driven a 360. He is qualified to make an assessment of his opinion. How about you?
  19. I see from your profile you do not even list ANY cars??

    So in my opinion your opinion is worthless!

    It won;t be chasiing a 360 Ferrari that's for SURE!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Gallardo is a truly exotic exciting car while a Modena is just another predictable boring sports car.
  21. I tend to think that what car you buy is 90% a subjective decision. I bet that those who love 360M, and buy and keep them, do know full well that the G will outpace the 360M when put to test or on track. They love their 360 still! And that's not wrong.

    There is a local group here in BKK consisting of people with F cars and most of them own both the F and the Lambo. Still they co-exist quite well. Well, maybe an occasional agrument, for fun, regarding the cars sure comes up.

    I've owned three 355s, two 360s, one GT2, and a few other series of 911 Turbo. So far, I think the G got the best balance between everyday drivability, supercar numbers, supercar looks, and supercar impracticality! Plus to my eyes it is the most beautiful car of all those I've owned.

    BTW, all the above cars, I only owned them one at a time. I am not that well off yet.
  22. Extremely well said!!
  23. The reason you don't see my car list is because I did not post it. I have not post any pictures next to my name yet either.
    Yes i have the 360 spider and eight other classic cars including the Countach.
    And the Lambo of Thailand has been kissing my ass to test drive the little Lambo. And I did. And yes in my opinion, that's how i feel. The murcelago is great, the little Lambo is a piece of ....
    And just to let you know I have never had to chase anything since I was born because I was born rich dude. And you should not go around looking down on people like that. Don't look down on people like that again you make this wonderful forum look bad. Many guys in this Forum do not have the car. Just their enthusiatic and that is wonderful. You should be big enough to listen to others opinion.
    Don't reply this quote, OK,G-force. I have nothing else to say to you..
  24. Talk is cheap! And I wasn't born rich... I earned every exotic I've owned.I don't look down on people that's not my style. I respect enthusiats.We were
    all enthusiasts even before we bought the first car.
    And I'm sorry but I've NEVER heard any one that drove a Gallardo call it that
    so I have to assume you are either a liar or you have been to the triangle
    one too many times?
  25. LOL, pics or be gone!!
  26. you must change cars like i change soxs..v ery cool
  27. Thanks 6.0, I just don't quite get it when everytime this kind of subject comes up people can't disagree in a more friendly way. We all love cars, don't we?
  28. Being fortunate enough to own both an F and L car, I can't get rid of either. I like both cars and like my kids each have their own personality. Depending on the day, each car will be the pick on that day. My only problem is garage space now.

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