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Gallardo e-Gear question (maybe problem?)

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by clarkster, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. Yesterday, after stating my Gallardo, I couldn't get it in to gear. I'd flip the right flipper and it said "1st" gear in the display, but would only rev the engine. Same with reverse. After flipping/pushing several buttons for about a minute or two thinking I was doing something wrong, I finally shut off the engine and restarted. It then went straight into 1st and I had no more problems.

    Question for anyone with Gallardo - anyone experience this? Common? Fluke or warranty item?

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  3. E Gear is computer controlled. It's the same system (computer) F uses. Sometimes there is a glitch that can be fixed for the time being by rebooting/shuting the car down for at least 60 sec. and restarting.
    That said something is wrong and the error should be stored in your cars computer. I'd def. mention it when you take it in for service and make sure they write it into the RO. If it happens again I'd take it right in as it may leave you stranded.
    How do you like your car?
  4. I love the car so far. But, I've only put about 25 miles on it. Nothing but snow, ice and and -10degree temps here in Kansas City right now. Just waiting for some weather so I can really take it out.

    I'll post a pic when the weather clears.
  5. I had the computer problems with a MB I use to have 2003 E320(wifes car)...We would sometimes have to pull to the side of the freeway to restart the car and have the computer fix the bugs....Notice how I added "use" to have, it gets old really quick if the dealer can't fix it.
  6. forgive my observation but could the really cold temps have anything to do with the malfunction? in a garage or a large hangar i have seen cold weather make computers, avionics equipment ect do some really strange things when they are first started or turned on. was there a check engine light displayed, or is it an internal code setting only with these cars ? by the way glad to hear of your purchase, i hope the weather clears up soon for you to enjoy it safely!
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  8. When I leave my Maser parked in the snow I do notice more glitches. This is a problem as to plow through more than 1/2" you have to switch off traction and it sometimes hangs up. Rebooting seems to work.
  9. I have seen the apocalypse, and it is Automobile operating systems by Microsoft.

    In 10 years, the electrical gremlins in today's cars will be unimaginable.
    You can throw away a 10 yo Saturn but some moderately well off shmoe is going to buy a Gallardo, Ferrari, Maserati and pay a dealer to fix the electrical gremlins. Talk about getting a haircut! Yikes!

    guess I'll go back to the shop and finish reassembling the doors in my Tiger. No electrics there. :)
  10. Well, interesting in that it was about 17 deg out, and I was sitting on a bed of packed snow. My first instinct was that the traction control was keeping the tires from engaging because of the ice. But turning that off didn't help. ONly after re-booting, er... re-starting did it work. I'll let it go for now, but if it happens again I'll take it to the shop.
  11. Very common, happened to Car and Driver twice with their test Gallardo. Just cycle the key and relax until a software update comes out. Once it does, take it to the dealer, he flashes the ECU for the tranny and the problem is resolved.
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  13. Okay I grew up in KC.. so do you park it in front of Houstons on the Plaza
    for laughs???????
    Way too outrageous for KC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. whatever the cause of the malfunction turns out to be, i hope it is minor and you get to play outside with the car when the roads are safer.i swear low temps affect data transfer rate in computers, just as high temps are REALLY REALLY detrimental .i have seen turbine igniters and avionics equipment act like they are "asleep" and then work flawlessly after the were allowed to " wake up " for a moment. really wierd.i second the emotion for the preference for older cars. i love carbs and the lack of computers. heck ill fabricate what i have to as time wears on. some things you just dont throw away , just because the 'new" one is out now!!! if there is any oil in 10 or 20 years, i hope i can keep my " keeper cars" running on something!
  15. You got that right!

    I do like it around here in that I can be unique. Nobody has every seen the cars I drive.
  16. you better not have long hair like me or in KC you would be considered a "drug dealing hippie!"
  17. LOL
    Well, I USED to have the long hair, but my wife keeps making me cut it. Now I'm just a 44yo normal guy with grey sprouting thourgh.

    There are plenty of long-haired folks around KC though.

    Where are you now?
  18. Southern California
  19. Hey clarkster,

    did the problem come back again?

    Just took delivery of my new Gallardo and it has the exact same problem. Egear shows either reverse or gear 1, but it doesn't seem engaged and the engine revs without any movement...!
  20. I am taking delivery of my Gallardo tomorrow. I hope the problem will not show up! It does seem like a glitch in computer programming. However, the car costing this much and engineered by German engineers shouldn't be giving this kind of nuisance to its owner. Then again, my 360M did give me this kind of problem once. The power just dropped all of a sudden and I had to park the car, turn it off, restart it, and it was okay since.

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