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gallardo dyno video

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. it was emailed to me but won't upload here. Anyone want to host it with a link.? I'll email it to you.
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  3. tick tock tick tock tick tock.....................................
  4. Sounds GREAT good luck Wayne.
  5. Whoa, did they take apart the differentials to the front?
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  7. Yes dis-connected Frt drive will leave it off until complete and FINAL dyno is run.
  8. Jim he is in Baltimore if you get down that way drop in.
    I'll give you info if you want. Who knows the Murci could be next?
    He is doing or going to do a Roadster.
  9. i'd host it, but it seems that it already is.

    but if that runs out, feel free to email it to FI at

    And all you are missing from that beautiful engine sound is the "pshhh" whistle. Give it 2 months and you will be all set.
  10. John are you near Heffners shop?

    Go visit it for me i'm having withdrawals!
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  12. Wayne
    I think you need girppier tires. That puppy won't hook up.

  13. I have something I'm working on it that rtegard.
  14. I am close enough and I can stop by there this Friday for a short while, or Monday most of the day.
  15. Great emkail me at or call at 909 383-9000
  16. I will give you a call tonight around 6pm EST.
  17. Nice sound, and they should never reconnect the front diff. :)
  18. Thanks. I'm here until 7:30 PM EST
  19. ok. I am on my way there now.
  20. Who is doing the work? and how much is it costing? I have a Murcielago a might be interested in turbo-charging it in the near future.
  21. Jason Heffner. Think he is doing or going to do a Roadster also.
    If you call him mention the Gallardo. I told him other Lambgo owners`
    would knock on his door if he did the Gallardo project!
  22. Thank you for the info. Let us know how your car turns out.

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