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Gallardo Door Kit

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Uberpower, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. I've heard some talk about a door kit for the Gallardo that will allow the doors to open up vertically like the Murci. Does anyone have pics/links? Who manufactures the kit?

    Other threads on the board mention that it is a $3K conversion, but don't say where to buy?

    What do you think about the customization? Worth it?
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  3. Keep it stock.
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  5. It can be done on 4 doors... it can be done on SUVs... I've seen it on an X5

  6. Oh God, no.
  7. It's sad but true.
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  9. I hate every car shown on this thread.

  10. I hear yah, I am sure there will be more......
  11. Burn baby burn!!
  12. I was approached by a compeny to distribute "Lambo doors" they have a kit that is universal for many cars and i guess it is very high tech. No body work needs to be done. If you are interested i can call them up.

  13. you cant even get in and out of those bmw's with any ease. the angles are horrible for ingress and egress. ugh
  14. Yeah... there's definitely many of these out there. They mostly look pretty terrible. The x5 is, IMO, the worst of the lot. Here's an SL55
  15. Hamann M3
  16. BMWs seem to really attract this conversion. Anyway... as you can see, here's a pic of another X5 conversion, as well as others, IMO this X5 is better than the one that swings outwards and up, but nevertheless, still ridiculous.
  17. If the three girls came with the X5 it'd drive it, crummy doors or not! Definatley wouldn't shell out my own money, but I'd 'cruise an be all like da bling-bling stylin' wit da ladies fo a bit.' :)
  18. I don't know, man. Where's the class? I think they look like... well, like this isn't their only job.
  20. I bet they are Librarians by day.
  21. Class? why do they need class? Id lay the pipe to any of them.
  22. F-en right! Keep showin the babes.............but PLEEASSEEE no more DiabloX5's 6.0's Pleaasseee no more. That is for another website not ours!!
  23. In reference to the Gallardo scissor doors.... i heard that it was a £70k upgrade possible from the factory. This was a rumour the originated at Lamborghini London, the official British importers.

    Anyone know more?
  24. £70k!!!! WHOA!! For a totally aesthetic upgrade? That would be insane.

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