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gallardo does 200 video clip

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by robiferretti, Dec 23, 2004.

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  2. Didn't think the G's could get up in that range. I know exactly where you were there my friend and while it's a great stretch of road, it took some BIG balls to attain that speed while others were on the road. The G did look quite stable at speed though and after having driven a couple's a real testament to the solidity & rigidity of the Lambo.
  3. It looked like he could have gotten even faster without any trouble at all.
  4. oh it does, thats only part of the video :)
  5. I wonder how much chit the guy in the van had in his pants:D

    I have had bikes pass me at 150 or so while I'm cruising 75 and that is nothing to a Gallardo flying by at 200:eek:

    Congratulations, stay safe, and thanks for sharing the video:)

    You forgot to add the disclaimer that none of the video actually happened and it was just a digital reproduction of a fictional event;)
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  7. Wow thats crazy! i never would have thought that the car can hit 200mph from only 500bhp.
  8. yeah, nice vid none the less.
  9. idiot..i hope the person that did the driving is run over by and idiot behined the wheel of a car. That video is pure carelessness..and shows a complete lack of respect for other peoples lives on the road. It's amazing how selfish and completely selfcentered people can be.

    Having said that..WHOA!!
  10. actually, unless it was modded, a standard G car cannot reach 200mph. the speedometer on a G car is about 10mph off, so if it read 200mph, it likely was going about 190, which is very close to its reported top speed of 192. i agree with the previous post that the guy was being a lame-ass for driving around people so fast.
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  12. I don't believe the speedo ever reads over 190?

    It looks like the big numbers are 20mph increments, and the one hit is 190.

    Also, as noted, speedos are notoriously inaccurate. GPS speed readings are what are needed.

    If the G really could do 200mph unmodded, Lambo would have been screaming it from the rooftops.

    I also think there was probably a bit too much traffic on that road for those speeds.
  13. looked to me like the speedo hit 190 not 200, but its kinda hard to tell.
    don't think a gallardo can hit 200.

  14. thats part of the video....the whole video is on the dvd...thats why its a teaser vid
  15. Bow down....... Rob your are Nucking Futs. Was that you? Man that thing was eating up some road and in a hurry.

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