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Gallardo Diesel?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Schatten, Apr 1, 2004.


    april fools joke or... some truth to it?
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  3. Even if it is, I'd still like to see the LM come back.
  4. That would be super Gallardo IMO:D A G car that can get 35mpg, 0-60 in the low 3's, and still drive for 200k+miles. That would be a dream come true if they chose to produce it!
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  6. Yet it wouldn't produce the wonder sound of any lamborghini
  7. It might be possible, who knows?
  8. The newer diesels are quiet and sound close to a gasser...I have a diesel truck with an exhausts and it sounds great to be a diesel.
  9. If they actually do this, I may be forced to boycott all VAG products. In a truck, okay ... some Cummins push out 700hp and 1000lb/ft ... but in a sports car? puh-lease!
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