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Gallardo Car Cover...standard equipment...?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Casino Square, May 1, 2004.

  1. Just the car cover supposed to be included with the purchase price of the Gallardo? Please indicate whether or not you recieved one when you bought your car. Casino
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  3. It's an option, iirc.

    (No, I don't own one... yet!)
  4. I got one thrown in - to make up for the missing painted calipers.
  5. I had to pay for my cover. It was $570cdn.
  6. ....thanks guys. I have to say, overall the Lambo experience has been good....but two things rankle at bit: 1. glass engine cover was over $2000, yet 'free' on the F360. 2. The Ferrari also comes with a free car cover. Lambo needs to rethink these issues.
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  8. MHH. Not wishing to be rude...but could you perhaps reveal what the price of the Gallardo is in Australia. I used to live in Sydney, and it seemed that cars such as these were riciculously expensive...! Loved OZ though......wish I was still lying on Manly beach.....
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    Cover $414 US $ option.they are very nice however!
    MHH calipers cost more than the cover!!!
    Rethink same stuff??? Maybe but Ferrari needs to re-think the whole car!
    Tell you what I'll give you my stock cover plus $3000 for your glass one.
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  10., how do you get the photo of your car next to your username (love AlanLambo's 'dancing' Lambo)...?
  11. dealer here in Scottsdale (Motorsports of Scottsdale) quoted me $575 for the cover. Me thinks that they need to have a rethink on how they treat their customers. If other dealers are quoting $100 less....I wonder how they justify their higher price?
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  13. the window sticker is $414 period. So don't you want to make a grand on your engine cover???
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  15. Okay Casino Square Lamborghini ripped you off charging you $2000.
    You drive a hard bargain with the complaining.... so I'll give you my rear deck lid have it painted to match your car and give
    you $3500. Are you still complaining?
  16. Wayne, yes I know that the cover isn't worth as much as the calipers - but I wanted the cover and didn't want the calipers so I'm happy. The dealer also said the full electric seats (with electric lumbar adjust) that the car turned up with should have cost me extra but didn't. Anyway, I was happy with the overall deal.

    Casino Square, the Gallardo retails in Australia for $A400K or $A425K with e-gear.
  17. must be heavily taxed that is 306,000 US$ for E-gear.

  18. Heavily taxed - it sure is!
  19. First of all the engine cover is well worth the $2k. I saw an order form including a price list and thought I say $3500 for the cover. Lamborghini needs to include a car cover for a $180K car unless they feel they will not be stored like most Ferrari's in the Northern climates.
  20. Are red calipers available for the Gallardo or Murcielago?

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