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Gallardo brake pads! Yeouuuuuuuch!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by kverges, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. Well the brakes are great, but with vigorous driving I am looking for pads. The factory pads are, get this, $1200. And that's just the fronts!

    Any ideas for aftermarket? I plan to pull the pads and look for aftermarket/relining options and was thinking perhaps they are the same as the RS6.

    This is my first complaint about this car and puts a bit of a damper on my enthusiasm for track use, as with the car's weight and performance I could go thorugh pads in a weekend.

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  3. Now don't quote me on this....But I have heard...again I do not know for sure, but I have HEARD...that the pads are the same as the Subaru WRX STi pads. It maybe be something you might want to check into. Please if you do, let us know if they are the same...some how I doubt it, but you never know...
  4. Suggestion, bring your pads to your local NAPA or any specialized auto store, and ask for these pads, saying you don't know what car they're off ...
    Or get ahold of someone here who has tight ties with Lambo, to find out who the manufacturer of the pads is, then get the supplier part number, and find out what other cars, if any of fits. More work, for sure ... but 1200$ for front pads is damn ridiculous.
    Make sure you get the correct friction too ... find your g-spot betweem soft and enduring pads ...
  5. the pads are a bit complicated; there are 8 pads total. I plan to see if Porterfield can re-line them for me.

    The rears are mor standard Brembo fare and appear to be the same as the late model Viper

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