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Gallardo Barchetta.

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by crystalq3, Feb 18, 2005.

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  2. It's the Lamborghin Batmobile :)
    How ya gonna get "road head" in that car ;)
  3. Is it just me or does anyone see similar resemblances to the old lotus concept car, i think it was called an mn200 but then again that doesnt sound right.....

    Still, i'm sure it had the two windscreens
  4. I understand its based on old style race cars, but it's not a race car. Why is it split down the middle like that?
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  6. that's just a BALLS OUT awesome design, it is going to be the hit of the International Auto Show........maybe a rich guy will not be able to wait and ask Koenig-Specials to make him one like they did for the Diablo Roadster.......but the Design is too COOL
  7. Where have I seen this before.....hmmmmm.....oh yeah 5 posts down from this one hahaha
    Different site though, but same stuff. Good find none the less.
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  9. That is the single most inspirational design ive ever seen in my life. THAT car would make Ferrucio proud. THAT screams Lamborghini. And if they sold the car just like THAT, ide be right in line! Screw the rearview mirror idea too. Just lose it and install a camera in the rear.

    Damn. Unbelievable!
  10. itd be very cool if they did it. but id be really surprised if they did.
  11. I agree. You can't accuse them of looking like anything else! A question comes to my mind... What happens to a driver/passenger if you have a hard enough side-impact? I'm not sure if an airbag system would help in that situation. Maybe that central piece is designed to break away somehow? Like I said, love the unique design. Just wondering how it would actually fly.

  12. I can't imagine them releasing a second car with no roof. Especially in a lower price range. I bet the design will be similar with just a connected windshield/midsection and a ragtop like the Modenas.

    I would personally rather have this car!!!!!! The split design is awesome!
  13. Actually, it would be wild if it WASNT divided.... Like that central piece was rigid...but just above the driver's head. Like a T-Top thing? Then you could just snap twp hard tops on that thing. Screw the mirror and add a camera! I bet that would make the car streetable.

  14. Yes I like the looks also BUT... like today I'm driving to Vegas and it is pouring down rain. I don't care my current G car can deal with it. I'm not so sure this sexy beast could?
  15. Anybody else see some resemblance to the McLaren F1 in that first pic?
  16. I wouldn't doubt it one bit if Lamborghini got so many requests for it that they actually make a limited run......a la COACH, or talks and plus AUDI has huge BALLS to back it up..........hey someone get the Sultan of Brunei on the phone.......jk
  17. I would love to see that car made. It looks like the windscreen is fairly low, low enough to have your head popping out the top. I can see myself with a pair of goggles on cruising on some backcountry roads in the fall.
  18. That's how an outrageous italian sports cars are supposed to look. They are not supposed to look bland and be practical. They're purpose is to make people say "WOW" when they see them.
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    Think about the name. It means little boat. If they made the interior like a boats interior: ie something that could get wet no problem and you wore helmets it could work. Hey these two drove for 1000 miles in a similar roof wise car.
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  20. its also great if you just had an arguement with your wife and arent talking!!!you could pretend she s not there....i think it would sell, so unique looking
  21. Yes is a passionate design. No one was thinking about going to the grocery store. (it looks like there is a trunk delete too) Nobody was thinking about how you would talk to your passenger. Nobody was thinking about the weather. Nobody was thinking about this car bein limited in driving situations.

    The only purpose this car serves is its own design. Thats the beauty of a car like this. And thats the reason I would buy something in this class. I have two cars already, my automotive needs are met. Personally, its the impracticallity that makes this car desireable. I think there are plenty of others who would feel the same.
  22. Like me.

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