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Gallardo availability?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by mrmckay, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. I've been looking for a Gallardo and there seems to be a lot of them available. ( many w/ delivery miles. ). It looks like a great car to me. Is there something I'm missing? How many Gallardos are produced annually?
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  3. there are a buttload of them. in fact, there are a schitload of 04s still at the port because the dealers lots are full!
  4. unlike ferrari it seems like lamborgnini did not want to manipulize the market. the Gallrdo is a much better car then the 360. for the prices they are selling for i wouldn't hesitate to pick one up. what other cars are you considering?
  5. This is the reason why people want Ferrari's over LAmbo's..People want what they can't have!
  6. Robi,
    I'm just considering the Gallardo. You mentioned over on ***********.com that Lamborghini of Bergen County had some Gallardos. Would you happen to know it they have a Orange / Black 6-speed? What I'm trying to figure out now is whether to purchase one that is currently available or wait and order one. I wouldn't mind waiting / ordering if there seemed to be some truth to the 'S' version rumours. :) I would also like to know more about the "sport package" that seems to be available for the 05 models. Do you think your contacts over at Lamborghini of Bergen County( Marcello / John ) would have the answers to any of my questions?

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  8. Interesting that you can't mention Allan's board on here :)
  9. yep thats part of rob lay's unilateral wet dream to do his best to take allan off his pedistol. But anyway there is an orange /black G speed there now, i dont know if its sold or not, but i saw it yesterday while i was there. Speak to either Marcello or John and they will take care of you. Make sure you tell them Rob sent you they might even throw in a car cover :)
  10. Seems to me it does nothing but prevent users from mentioning a rival lambo site.

    Thanks for the info. I will try to get in touch w/ one of those two guys next week.

  11. The 2 year warranty doesn't inspire much confidence, especially in first time buyers of the marque. Yes, dealer showrooms are chock-full of Gallardos plus they have plenty more "off-exhibit" in out of view storage lots, plus there are still many more in the pipeline. All this supply of brand new Gallardos guarantees huge depreciation. I suspect some of us aren't concerned about that but most of us are.

    IMO, all of this supply also guarantees great discounts if you're willing to wait a little longer until the flooring costs become unbearable for the dealers. Lambo will be offering incentives soon enough.
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  13. Speaking of depreciation, what kind of residuals are the leasing companies offering?
  14. chris,

    tom here. how is that challenge treating you, buddy? it's always good to people embrace diversity :)

    a few weeks ago, there was a 04 orange/black on ebay....i was mildly interested and give them a firm 147.5k....while they passed, they were extremely motivated to negotiate. i believe lo 150's wud catch it.

    don't know how the 05 model is priced or any significant upgrades in performance or body style but if i were in the mkt for a gallardo, my best bet is to catch one of many currently sitting in showrooms around the country.

    btw, i am heading up to DC around mid-march after my trip to asia later this month. will you be around?
  15. Tom, It's good to hear from you. How have you been? The cs has been treating me well. I agree...diversity is the spice of life.

    Thanks for the heads-up. I'll have to start paying closer attention to what's on ebay.

    I'm thinking the best bet is to catch one in the showrooms too. If there really are a lot of Gallardos still in the pipeline, it might even make sense to wait a little longer for a better price. I wish someone knew how many of these have been produced / sold so far.

    Excellent. I should be around. Just let us know and we organize another dinner in your honor :) With some luck perhaps I'll have the Gallardo by the time you roll into town.

    How's the roadster doing? You appear to be setting a record w/ this one :)

  16. Chris, did you see the one at FMoW, yellow with the manual shift? It may be gone already.

    Good luck, Will
  17. not quite....ten days after she arrived august, i left for asia for almost 2 months for biz so technically, i have another 3 wks left.....which is a mightie loooong time for my car time-table.....

    will let u all know of my impending DC trip. luk forward 2 see everyone again.
  18. Will,
    Ralph told me about it when I inquired about a 430. It's not on the web page any longer so I assume it's gone. I probably would have picked it up if it was orange / black.

  19. Tom you missed breakfast yesterday, but do not worry, we all talked about you......

    Hope to see you soon, have fun in Asia, try not to miss too many events this year, it is always more fun when you are around....

    If you need me to keep an eye on your Lambo or your girlfriend while you are gone, let me know... you know both of them are waaaay too good for you!

    Talk to you soon!

  20. howdy,

    we are actually r&r in florida at this writing, where the sand is white, the water is warm and the nearly naked chix are "hot".....

    yest, friends and i were planning a "teeny/tiny togas and roman slave love auction" party. i immediately thought of your beautiful yatch with its spacious, gracious ocean worthy living, ultimate in privacy and comfort stateroom for socializing, abundant but yet strategically placed lightings in the mastersuites for imtimate activities..... but we figure you got her locked up and hid the key so we gave up and went back to plan b.

    tell everyone hi. im flying out next week. i shall take you up on your offering to take care of my toy in my absence. use her sparingly. don't run up the milage. don't drive her hard..(tempting....i know), do let other test drive her but treat her kindly with respect........ and ohh..about the lambo, it will be safely secured in temp controlled garage so no worry there.

    see ya in two months.
  21. Tom, that is a very generous offer, I will wait for her call..... you have my number!

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