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Gallardo at Last

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 360, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. After waiting almost a year my Gallardo it was delivered today, i had the 3M film fitted this afternoon so now its down to getting 500 gentle miles on the clock before letting it rip, even using half the rev range the acceleration is great i opted for the 6 speed after having had the F360 F1, and dont regret it , i drove the E gear and 6 speed back to back last week at a test track and although the E gear is slicker than the Ferrari system it just seemed to slick almost like an auto where as the stick shift seemed more involving.The car is everything you guys had said it is and more. Ill try and post some pics once ive removed the grin from my face.
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  3. Congrats! Can't wait for the pics. What does the 3M film look like and where does it go?
  4. Yes he'll have to change his screen name!

    I can't wait to change mine! (as soon as I sell the 550!)
  5. What color is it?

    Wayne do you ever regret not getting the 6-SPD Manual?
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  7. Not really....I'm still waiting (car is at Symbolic) to see if the 4 new computers
    make this thing absolutely perfect like they claim. I've gotten used to the quirks but I prefer to not to have to think about it when I'm street driving!
  8. The colour is rossa corsa the same as Banana Boats banner with charcoal interior with crema inserts. The 3 M film is clear and Ive had the front bumper, bonnet, side sills and side air scoops covered and it hardly notices, ive learnt my lesson after the 360.
    I dont know what its like in the States but over in UK the Ferrari dealers just seem to treat you like somthing they trode in, customer service is just not available even as an option! and with other manufacturers making cars like the Gallardo they had better raise their game or like me and many others we will take our custom elsewhere as there is now good alternatives to the 360 in the marketplace
  9. Congrats!! .That sounds beautiful. Welcome to the "house of the bad boy"!!
  10. Put some pics on the Sticky thread also. Im keeping track of the owners!!
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  12. Congrats the color name here is Rosso metis.Show us some photos of cream... inserts sounds interesting.My interior is charcol also but with just red stiching throughout.

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