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Gallardo As Wide As a 355?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ghost, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. From what I read, the Gallardo is 1900 mm wide = 74.8 inches.

    The 355B is ALSO 74.8 inches. :eek:

    I wouldn't have thought the two to be the same - to me the Gallardo seems like a wider car.

    Another interesting - but irrelevant - factoid. - :)
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  3. The 355 is rather wide in person. I saw Vince's one at his house, next to 2 550s, and the rear end was rather huge, just the way I like it on cars.


    Since you are spending so much time here, I feel a Bull in the near future. I assume the 997 plans are in the trash? ;)

    Take it from a P car owner, its a nice car, but the bull is something THE GHOST should be riding.

    Hope to see a new ride when I make your aquaintance in a few months. Still working on the Lease PM's btw. ;)
  4. Was certainly poking around Ryan. Still have crazy respect for the 997's and would like to get one, but Porsche is holding supply of these very tight and new orders are only rolling in at the end of summer, which is a non-starter. A Gallardo is a phenomenal beast, but lots of hoops to go on the part of the dealer(s) for reasons that probably don't make sense to discuss on this forum. For this reason, I don't think a G's going to happen today.

    I'm not bothered, though - like my friend TomF-1 says, there are too many cars, and too little time. - :)

    I DO love this sub-forum of FChat, and plan to be a frequent visitor.

    Hope all is well with you, and look forward to seeing you in NYC soon.

  5. Thanks Vik. I wish you luck and much enjoyment with whatever new toy you choose to purchase. That 355 of yours is calling my name, but AJ/Tom/Ben/Ralph and the dark side gang has me yearning for something else when the P car time is up.

    Looking forward to seeing you and partying it up EC style. I am bringing my F chat brutha, Ralph with me. You gotta show this Houston brotha whast up ;)

    He likes the latin mamasitas :D
  6. Seems about right...I have been driving my 355 spider around with a couple friends that each bought Gallardos...but man, they look down right evil, compared to a Ferrari. Very cool cars. The 355 really looks technologically dated compared to the Gallardo...19 wheels, massive brake discs, enormous brake calipers, 500hp, etc.
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  8. Agreed. So does the 360 IMO.
  9. fwerff!!

    I say 6.0 or bust, Vik ;)

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