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Gallardo as a track car....

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ChalStrad, Nov 5, 2004.

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  3. Same Brembos they use on the Stradale. The disks are steel instead of carbon.
  4. Gallardo:
    Ventilated discs: Ø 365 x 34 mm front - Ø 335 x 32 mm rear Steel
    Stradale:Front: Vented discs, 380 x 34 mm
    Rear: Vented discs, 350 x 34 mm Carbo-ceramic

    SAME????? To you maybe..

    Ferrari is also lighter (1180kg dry vs 1430 Kg dry for the Audi, sorry Lambo)

    Max speed at the end of the straight where the accident occured: Lambo 200 km/h - Ferrari Stradale 235 km/h

    The Ferrari stops, the lambo doesn't.

    By the way a 365 x 34 front and 335 x 32 rear is smaller than 380 x 34 and 350 x 34 - no matter how you do the math.

    Only point in common: both produces by Brembo, who also make the brakes for Porsche and about everyone else.....
  5. A track with a round-about ? Even in France (policemen are undoubtedly french Gendarmerie), you don't think that's a stretch ?
  6. Certainly not a track, but one of the guys seem to be wearing a racingsuit.
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  8. The car is only as good as the driver.
  9. I think the point of the post is that the brakes FAILED. If that happened, it would not [necessarily] be the driver's fault.

    Very unfortunate, but at least everyone was ok.
  10. Your posts seem to be in very poor taste, and reek of blatant Lambo bashing.

    Surely you know there is more to brake systems than rotor sizes. You even state that the manufacturer for the Gallardo's system is Brembo, which is also used by other car companies, such as Ferrari. Do you have conclusive evidence that the failure is due to a component of the system that is unique to the Gallardo? What if it's due to a common component? How do you know the blame lies with Lambo and not with Brembo?

    It may in fact be a problem unique to the Gallardo, but at this point you have given no information to lead to that conclusion. You've just put forth the sort of arguments that got Allanlambo banned from this board. Kettle, meet the pot.
  11. Actually, chalstrad was only replying to ATBNM3's assertion that the Gallardo has the same brakes as a CS, which is, of course, ridiculous. It's not just that they're steel as opposed to carbon-ceramic...they're not the same size or anything, quite frankly. If the brake pedal went to the floor on the Gallardo, then, more than likely, it's because the fluid boiled due to the brakes getting too hot. I can't imagine this happening on a CS, can you? No Lambo bashing about it. It's just the way it is. How you can compare any of that conversation to what allanlambo used to do defies logic.
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  13. Perhaps I should have quoted the first post, since it was a better example. A post titled "Gallardo as a track car" showing a crashed Gallardo followed by pro Ferrari and Brembo statements certainly read like Lambo bashing.

    Does this instance make the Gallardo a bad track car? What about the numerous tracks on which the Gallardo holds a better time than a 360? What about a well known F-chatter, and former racer (Roland) praising the Gallardo as a good track car? What about the Best Motoring video in which the Gallardo comes 2nd of 7 and the 360 has problems with fading brakes? Its that selective citation of information that is reminicent of Allan's style.

    Also, "the pedal goes to the floor" isn't a very scientific analysis of the accident. Boiling fluid certainly is a likely scenario, but can you tell me this has never happened to a Ferrari? Is the 360 CS mechanically perfect? what about the self-unscrewing oil cap?

    Okay, so an oil cap is relatively minor, compared to brakes. But what about other forms of safety? That Gallardo is looking remarkably well considering it exited the track at 135mph.
  14. Let's look at the silver-lining, at least for a moment. At least we know Gallardos can handle a serious crash. And let's hope Lambo rethinks their brake sizes. Do they offer carbon brakes?


  15. Big difference, Allan bashed Ferrari.
    That could happen to anyone in any car, stock or race. Sucks to be that guy, especially if not covered by insurance
  16. Geez man...take a chill pill. Are you a little oversensitive about something? Firstly, I happy to like lamborghinis, but this is, as has been said over and over, a ferrari it's our right to hang it on everything's probably our duty!

    Of course Ferraris suffer from brake fade. I rolled by 512BB because of exactly the same thing....but try and stick to the topic. So we make fun of a gallardo because it had brake fade...big deal. try not to take it so personally!
  17. Actually you have it backwards the only difference between the 2 is the rotor materal and size... other wise it's the same Brembo OEM 6 piston system.
  18. Sometimes I rather not read some posts, some make me wonder why such arguments and comments are from the mouths of expensive car owners, where is the wisdom? Sometimes I do miss the Ferraris I had but I drove them for what this cars were built for, Ferrari like Lamborghini sell street cars not track cars, that sometimes one performs better than the other on the track it is pointless totally pointless and theres no question about it. Porsche has the 911, where is the 911 of the Ferraris and Lamborghinis? They dont exist, period. And then so what?

    All this manufacturers sell their automobiles as fast means of transportartion to be driven fast on the street or highways and of course this might bother your thinking but thats the way it is. If you bought the car as a track car and with high hopes then you invested in the wrong piece of machine but that is ok, after all you could track a mini van if you want to. Enzo, Ferrucio, Ferry are dead and they are not my gods and if they are in heaven then they are getting along just fine and wondering what is the **** all about.
  19. Heh, no need for a chill pill. It's just that hypocracy is something that really irks me, and this seemed to be a clear case of it. Also, the arguments were so illogical and childish. Chalstrad makes the statement "Forza Ferrari ( and Brembo!)" in a post about a car with Brembo brakes that has suffered a brake failure!

    Lesson of the thread: Don't dish it out if you can't take it!
  20. Bummer. Though would guess most (all?) stock street brake systems, with factory fluid, will see pedal at or near the floor at some point (likely sooner than later) on a fairly technical track.
  21. no track, but 125 mph in that public circle?
    Nice try :)
  22. Rethinks brake sizes? Are you kidding? Those brakes are very large, with 8 piston calipers. I have driven many exotics in a track setting, and the Gallardo has probably the best brakes of any production car I have driven. It's funny how a crash photograph can lead to this type of conclusion.
  23. This is a road crash which could have been caused by many things. This picture proves NOTHING except that the car took a big hit and the pasenger compartment looks ok and the car didn't burst into flames all of which are good things.
  24. The fact that the doors still open is just awesome... Whatever it hit must have been pretty damn low since the bonnet is in decent shape.
  25. Peter , did you lap him ? :)

    Was that near Dijon ?
  26. My last rack event was attended by a young lad in a Gallardo. This is one seriously well engineered car. Very fast. We had rain in the afternoon and this car just shook if off. The all wheel drive was a hugh bonus. I suffered by comparison in my rear wheel 348.
  27. The fact that the two passengers survived virtually unscathed despite going down on such a high speed shows how safe the G-car is. :)
  28. i agree; the wheel integrity crumples my brow, though... In the second picture, you see the wheel is broken into pieces... Is that normal...?

    i'm glad the people in the car are safe and, for the most part, unhurt... Does anyone know if the windshield is broken because of exterior impact or because someone's head hit it...?

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