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gallardo aftermarket

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by bostonmini, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. Ok, we know that the gallardo needs cat bypasses airboxes and exhaust:) but, does anyone know if it will be possible to replace the heater head unit, and stereo head unit with something that looks a bit less audi? just not crazy about it, but LOVE the car...oh, and are the door handles (inside) plastic? they dont look metal, kind of surprising. Overall, the coolest car in a while, and makes the murci NEED to gain some power or lose weight!
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  3. You have a PM that I think addresses your interior issues. Best of Luck!
  4. Instead of spending $$$ on one of the stupidest things I've heard yet, opt for the DVD nav unit that replaces the standard stereo and fits right in. It can be retro-fitted by the dealer, and it look fab, gives the Gallardo a high-tech look. Yes the nav is from Audi, but that shouldn't be a concern to anyone that's sane.
  5. as of this week i finished my first of gallardo test pipes and installed them on my car. so far 400 miles with the pipes and unlike the ferrari's no error lights have come on.
  6. my first set*
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  8. So how do they sound??
  9. Sorry, was looking through the posts, and was wondering what you meant by DVD Nav on the Gallardo?
    Is that a factory option, like GPS?
    Can I have it installed on the gallardo over the normal radio?

  10. Hey Matt I was just looking for you, what kind of rims can you get for an '03 Murcie? I had some HRE's but they rubbed so I sold them and would like a great looking replacement...Pm me a number if you like:)
  11. I can tell you for a fact that door handles are plastic (on the outside).

    Weissach, the local dealer had a silver gallardo as their first one. And 2 days after they get it, I went to check it out and low and behold the driver side door handle had been ripped off and it is helped in place with glue. What looks to be plastic glued ontop of the acutal handle. Looks like someone wanted to sit in the lambo without asking..
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  13. Do you have any sound clips available to post?

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