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future of murcielago-changing

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Rabeeh, May 9, 2004.

  1. apparently some magazines are reporting the next murcielago to go in 2 differnt directions:either an enzo rivaling car with a V10/v12 based on the gallardo chassis or "more likely" an espada like car with a v12 front engine. it makes sense that the car will either go more upmarket and rival the enzo or become more like the ferrari 575. i guess only time will tell what happens
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  3. Ah, please no on the second option. Enough with the heavy front-engined GT's. Lamborghini should read the many, many comments from Ferrari owners on this board who would like to see a mid-engined 12cyl production (not special edition very limited, i.e. Enzo) sports car built again.

  4. Agreed.

    It should not be one or the other. There is a place for a "entry level" mid engine 12 cyl Italian Car. LOL It should not be limited to cars costing 400K + I would hope someone would leave this open for the working man.
  5. Why in the world would Lambo want to compete with the 575 and create a front-engine car? That makes no sense at all. I doubt that rumor has any substance whatsoever. In my opinion, that would be a major step back for the Murcie.

    As far as creating a car that can rival the Enzo, that sounds more likely. Achieving the performance of the Enzo would be nice, but I wouldn't be interested in a $600K-700K price tag. No thanks.
  6. The source of this is this months Automobile mag.
    The essence is that VW will be restructuring many things and Lambo may be one of them.
    The G is slated for a 2 WD version with more HP (550) as well as a spyder. (IMHO this will put even more pressure on the 360 replacement). With these improvements the G is getting too close to the Murcie. The front engine possibility is a 2+2 like the Espada. This also makes sense in light of VW's/Masers future platform sharing. The Murcie as is becomes betwixt and between. The problem with going up to a an Enzo level is that the buyers thin out and such a car would compete with VW's Bugatti Veron which has been pushed back another year due to high speed stability problems.
    With a more powerful RWD G Spyder for 200K a Murcie may become superfluous to VW.
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  8. its obvious something has to change on the murcielago seeing as how the gallardo is almost equal in performance. plus if the new murcielago is based on the gallardo chassis and has a mid engine v12 wont it just be a super gallardo?
  9. when do u think the change will happen?
  10. The G between now and 07. The 2+2 after that. (Automobile)
  11. it would be sad if it become a 2+2 as their will be no more "moderately" priced mid engine v12 cars. also said if it merely becomes a gallardo with a v12 or a higher hp v10. but i guess it will come to an end
    model year 2007 or year 2007?
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  13. Do not be ready to write off the Murcielago so fast.

    1st there is a Barchetta on its way.

    2nd there has not really been any variations, aside from the yet to be introduced/sold Barchetta.
    The 40th Anniv car was basically a minor cosmetic option.

    Perhaps there may be a street version of the R-GT / SV 2wd theme ?
    More HP, less weight, and 2WD.

    The power bar is being raised. You will soon have hungry stock Z-06's,
    running around the street with 3,000 lbs and 500 bhp.
  14. I'll take a 12 over a 10 any day of the week.
  15. Clax
    I agree. I'm just reporting what Automobile said. To the younger generation V10's because of F1 using them may have more allure esp. in europe where F1 is really popular. The most popular F's are no longer 12's. A bit sad.
    I agree. I think the Murcie esp. 2WD more HP would be an easy and good way to go but who know's what these CO.'s will do these days.
  16. why would lamborghini abandon its niche? do away with swing up doors, a massive, torque-laden V12, etc? I doubt it, the logical answer is just to push the murcielago up, with only modest price increase, same engine, aluminum design..this with 600+ HP is all it needs to be. A ne model with 4 seats might work though...fun! 612 competitor that looks good!
  17. it would be sad if they dropped the murci they need to make an sv. it would also be cool if they made a higher performance car to compete with the enzo. they should make more different models, but not by dropping existing ones.
  18. I find it hard to believe they could abandon the Murcie as it is. Yes, the Gallardo is nice, but for myself (and most people I'd assume), its the Murcie that is lusted for.

    With the Gallardo getting close to the Murcie, I'd say the best investment they could make would be to increase the gap between them. Making the Murcie lighter, pehaps by changing to an aluminum frame instead of steel, and a slight power boost could do just that.

    As for going to a 3 model lineup (which seems likely from every source, and the target of 5000 cars per year), lets just hope its not an SUV. Sure, there is the historical link of the LM, but they dont need to go down the same road as Porsche. So the modern-day-Espada route would seem best.

    So if I was boss, the lineup would be:

    3) Gallardo (Coupe, Spider, 2wd track/performance version)

    2) "Espada" (front engine, V10, 4wd, adjustable ride height, focus on practicallity, usability - like Ferrucio intended in the begining)

    1) Murcielago (lighter, more powerful)

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