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Fun poll: If you had 600k to spend

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Aug 11, 2004.


With 600k, what would you buy.

  1. F50

  2. 04 Murci, 04 Gallardo, 6.0 Diablo

  3. 04 575m, 04 360 Spyder, 99 355 Spyder

  4. 05 Ford GT, 04 Viper srt, and 6 new vettes

  5. Porsche CGT, and a pre-owned 360 coupe

  6. F40, 94 512 TR, 03 456 GT, and an 86 328

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  1. Ok, fun only. What would you pick out of the above choices, and you cant mix and match. My values are based on current value guide numbers.

    Notes: You can elect to have coupes instead of Spyders

    If you dont want 6 vettes, you can get some other American muscle cars. Maybe 10 Mustangs.LOL.

    And please, none of the "Id buy some property here or there, or put my money in a good cd" nonsense.
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  3. for 600K, I'll try getting my hands on the 3rd Jaguar XJ220S that I don't own. It will be a bargain! But since there are no other XJ220-S available in the market, let alone for 600K, the following would be my choice.

    Murci Coupe (don't like roadters or convertibles)
    Diablo 6.0
    Diablo SE 1994
    1979 Silver Anniversary Trans Am!!!! It was my dream car when I was a teenager.

    Can you guys tell that I like 12 Cylinder lambos?
  4. Great choices. (except for the T/A) lol. I actually want an AMC Rebel, with the sticker that said "AIR" on the ram air scoop.
  5. 04 Murci, 04 Gallardo, 6.0 Diablo
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  7. 04 Murci, 04 Gallardo, 6.0 Diablo
  8. As much as I HATE P-Cars. After this experience, I have to go with the C-GT and 360 option!

    (D@mn Germans! Once they get you into one of those cars it’s hard to say no)

  9. I went Lambo across the board but I would like to insert the 456GT for the Gallardo, keep the Murci and Diablo.
  10. Uh, want to keep it all 12 cyl!! Good choice.
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  12. Nothing but Ferrari!
  13. Was a tough choice between all Lambos and the CGT and the 360!
  14. Jus' couldn't pass on the F40...
  15. id buy 600k worth of strippers!!!! no just kidding, kind of .... it a tough call, for an investment, i would buy the f50, but then again ,it would be more fun to own a bunch of cars... i was tempted to say the lambos, but i would want a little more the makes, so i quess the cgt and a 360, iwish i could mix a murci and a 360spider and adialbo 6.0..that would give me a true spider and two super car exotics
  16. murci, 6.0, but 360 instead of the gallardo
  17. i had a 79 silver ann. t/a..what a piece of crap that car was... nothing worked right, heavy and underpowered by todays standards... but i loved it!!!

  18. I absolutely love the f50, much more than F40 (I think its a generational thing).

    But having a 6.0 AND a murci, easily put the lambo on top for me.

    If it was F50 and a 6.0 vs murci, 6.0, and gallardo, I would then take the F50 group.

    Gotta have at least one lambo in the garage.
    Damn AJ, look at the things I am saying! :D
  19. I would have to take the 04 Murci, 04 Gallardo, 6.0 Diablo. The 04 Murci and 6.0 Diablo for me and the 04 Gallardo for the girl friend. When will they be delivered???

  20. You're not anymore. I was thinking a U.S. F50 would bring closer to 650-700 though?
  21. I Love the F50 but its not worth 3 Lambos!

    04 Murci - drive to church on Sunday, ... and then maybe to the beach.
    04 Gallardo - trash it, use it for my beater and drive it like I stold it!
    6.0 Diablo - give it to my stripper girlfriend, just to be stupid. you're living :)
  22. I would get a Murci and an F40. Or a 288 GTO.
  23. I would go with an orange 04 Murci w/ E-GEAR and a silver 99 Diablo VT Roadster. The 99 diablo according to lambo cars is worth 197,800$ and according to dupontregistry the 04 Murci w/ E-Gear will go for about 293,600$. I would have about 108,000$ left. With that I'd get a red SRT 10 VIPER.
  24. Almost want to say F50 but... Murci e-gear, G e-gear, 6.0. THREE cars are better than one espeically since I could probably use all 3 L cars everyday easier than an F50... basically a track car IMHO.
  25. I like your last choice with slight modification, a 95 F512M and a 04 SL600, full renntech ecu and chips, no 328, already got one :)

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