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from 6speedonline, Gallardo impressions

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Gary(SF), Dec 30, 2003.

  1. cut and pasted from 6speedonline:

    We went and checked out the new Lambo Gallardo yesterday. They had an orange one that was sold, a black one, and a silver that was out being driven. First i have to say that the car is much better looking in person than in pictures. The orange one was super sexy. Lambo really uses amazingly high quality paints.

    I didn't like the interior very much. the gauges looked cheap. i am 6'2 and could not fit in the car at all. My head needed another 3" of space. The salesman said that the seat adjustment wasn't working. This could have been BS but i tend to believe it's true because of the egregious lack of headroom.

    Here is the kicker. They wanted $220k!! They had a GORGEOUS blue murcielago right next to it with 3000 miles on it for 235k. These people are completely insane. Anyway, @180k or less it looks like a pretty sweet car. I don't know how anyone could justify 200+ for it though.
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  3. Seat adjustment definately was not working. Im 6ft, and with the seat adjusted all the way down, had loads of headroom.
  4. I fit fine in one with the manual seats, in fact I moved the seat pretty close to the wheel once I got in it (I thought it would be hard to get out, but my head was spinning so much from the test drive, I just jumped out and no problem).

    The car was comfortable for me, I am about 6'1" (I am only 160 lbs though), headroom was not a problem.

    Oh yeah - it rocks! Flat out hauls, sticks like glue, and you can even see out of it :) Great driving feel, minimal body roll, awesome brakes. A more relaxed (dare I say refined?) feel than a 360 (which I love, btw), in fact, some very non scientific generalizations compared to the 360 - the Gallardo is faster but less excitement on the throttle (since it is so linear and smooth on power delivery), probably sticks better (both cars are beyond my limits, especially in the street) and has great steering feel (but 360 is more lively which I like). The Gallardo is everything it wants to be, just an awesome car.

    I am used to a Capristo exhaust on the 360, so the Gallardo is definitely more quiet, but remembering the stock exhaust, I think even stock the 360 is louder (once the exhaust opens up past 4500) - the Gallardo is very quiet and refined inside, with windows rolled up on the highway it is dead quiet. You can still FEEL the engine, though - and it sounds sweet, just soft - with the windows down at high revs, not really very loud but quality of sound is A+ ("soft" compared to what I am used to, I also have a Z06 with Borla Stingers which is like a monster truck on steroids in terms of sound).

    I think the Gallardo and the Modena are both gorgeous and exciting cars, I love them both. The Gallardo is likely "faster", I don't know what would win around a track or twisties, but in a straight line definitely the Lambo. And around corners, both are awesome, for street driving it would come down to a matter of personal taste, for racing driver skill would make more difference. Feel like Radiohead "OK Computer" (Modena), or Crystal Method (Gallardo)?

    The Gallardo definitely looks incredible in person too. I can't wait to follow one on the road to get a look at it in motion.

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