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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by MAHOOL, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. Hope this is not a repost of the site, but why oh why would Lamborgini allow this to continue............

    Good intentions, bad taste.........
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  3. That takes "big ones" Bet Lamborghini doesn't know about it.
  4. WTF is that? Looks like he ordered a civic front end and put it on.
  5. Yeah Lambo DOES know about it. It's licensed. I don't understand why... but hey! If you deal crack and want to drive one of those, be my guest!

    (haha j/k on that comment...just in case someone here falls in that category!)
  6. WHOA! That Lambo is riced out...
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  8. I'm going to puke.

  9. If that were my car, I'd save everyone the trouble and kick my own ass.
  10. That's the Lamborghini Coatl
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  12. When Audi purchased Lambo, how would they not learn of any licensing deals Lambo had made previously that were still in effect??? I can't imagine them not knowing.

    Maybe they don't care. It's sooo odd and isolated, it might be insignificant. I mean, where else on the planet have you even heard the word Lambo Coatl outside those few countries down there??? Lambos are rare enough, the few Coatls on the market are probably a single drop in an ocean compared to Audi's gameplan.
  13. Its not a Coatl, that was a V10 & much nicer looking. The story I heard on this thing was that back before Audi bought Lambo, maybe even before Megatech of Indonesia Lambo desperately needed $ so they came to a licensing arrangement with a guy in Mexico who took Diablos & turned them into this thing. So what you have is a Mexican Lambo, I forget what its called. Heres a good spanish name Porqueria
  14. Why would anyone want one of those, they can't possibly be cheaper than a "normal" Lambo, so who on earth would buy one of those monstrosities?
  15. What the....I mean who the....why....why would you do this to a Lambo?

    Why dont they just draw a Beard on the MONA LISA or take a jackhammer to the statue of DAVID.

    That is just to sad.
  16. I don't exactly blame them. No its not my thing and I agree it looks to riced out but I can definitely understand those who buy them. What makes this car so different than the Koenigs MB SL's and Ferrari Boxers of the 80s? I think high end car owners who have had such a great collection of autos for some reason think they want something completely different from everyone else. When the Ferrari is not good enough, go nuts with Koenig? MC Hammer, ( remember him? ) had a collection of such cars in his attempt to be over-the-top. With ease he could have collected a Ferrari and/or Lambo collection of all the classic greats. But given his image and personality, is that his style? No. Today, I for one would rather have an orginal Boxer than a crazy 80s Koenig no matter the performance. However, don't fault the people who buy these cars. There is definitely a demand for them and those people are usually ones who have been blessed so much with great cars their traditionalist view becomes skewed.

  17. They have a Top Gear video with the Miura, Countach, and Diablo in it. Its pretty cool.
  18. This Lambo Porqueria is for sale and going for $650k if anyone is interested !
  19. Call it Gelato.......

    Italian (r)ice.

  20. LOL
    I must say I agree. That thing is ugly.
  21. looks like someone's taken a Ginsu to it...
  22. LOL!

    Good one!
  23. I like it better than the new gen lambos which look more modren. This looks exotic compared to the Murcielago and Gallardo.
    However the designers to a chance with this one knowing they shouldnt have.

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