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Fox Valley Lamborghini Dealings?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Last Saturday I drove with two of my three sons and two of their friends from Indy to Chicago (Fox Valley) and were treated like royalty. I got to drive a Gallardo E-gear and Murcielago 6 speed for 40 minutes each. I am in the decision making process as I want a red Murcielago 6 speed with Red/Ivory interior. I was impressed with the dealership as well as the group of salesmen and owner. Any of you have any interesting stories?
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  3. Only that from the forum Michael seems like someone I'd buy a car from.
  4. They just sold this car. This is the way I'd order one if I can part with my 360 now or wait till the fall and have room for both.
  5. In general you'll find Lambo dealers more accomodating IMHO regarding test drives etc . They are #2 and are trying harder even though their product is #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Seems like you can pull off more outrageous color combos with Lambos
    and get away with it! Conversely I have a PRISTINE 550 that is yellow and the buyers look upon it as if it had AIDS!
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  8. Wayne that is so true. I have good and bad experiences with F car
    dealers. I have never purchased an F car. However I saw someone
    get a ride in a new Murcielago from a dealer that was not in the market
    for the car. It was at a Lamborghini event though. They were not
    giving everybody rides. The 22 year old man got a ride in the car.
    That was generous.

    I have had better experiences at the L car dealerships. They sure can
    make things happen.

    The F-car wild color options will probably backfire in the end. P-cars are
    the same way. G-d forbid you have some fun. The fun will cost you
    down the road. Better stick with F-car red/tan and P-car silver/black.
    L-car is better to stick with lime green/yellow. LOL
  9. About Fox Valley.

    I like the place. I have never purchased a car from them. I spoke with the
    owner Mr. Bill Nuccio. I recently spoke with him.

    I love his style. It is the best. It is totally no nonsense. Here is the car
    hear are the #'s.

    NO B.S. You do not hear that I have four people wanting to purchase the
    car. I never heard this is my price to buy it today. It was hear is my
    price. Please call me on my cell; if you want it.

    That is nice. It was just black and white.

  10. Actually i tried to buy A gallardo from the,,, they wanted 10k over MSRP.
    I passed bought Fromm Symbollic at MSRP. 1 month later they call me back to sell at MSRP.

    Sorry too late!!!!!
  11. Dave are you looking at the Murci because you have seen photo/sketch of the 360 replacement (420) and not thrilled that its basicly just a face lift?

    I ask because I looked at your profile and it mentioned wanted cars as "360 replacement"

    Or are you thinking about a Lambo instead of the waiting line for the next new Ferrari?
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  13. I am building a private professional waterskiing lake with a 140x36 pole barn with 4 other partners. I will have a 40x36 divided space(cars, boats and jetskis). I would/will buy sight unseen the 360 replacement. I would have to trade the 360 now due to storage constraints to do the Murcielago now. My final game plan is to have the 420? and the Nurcielage together as they are different cars which I really like individually. After driving the Gallardo and Murcielago last weekend, I can truthfully say that I like my 360 more but also NOW desire the Murcielago. Comparing the three cars side by side, for me the styling of the 360 is still my overall favorite.
  14. My experience with them has been outstanding. I first had the opportunity to meet Mike Wogronic (MichaelFVM) at the Media Preview days at the 2004 Detroit Auto Show. Mike is a salesperson for FVM, and he instantly made a good impression on me with his down-to-earth approach and enthusiasm. Many Lambo and Ferrari sales people that I have run into in the past can be aloof and somewhat disinterested unless you have $250K in a suitcase at that very moment. Plus, being 32 years of age and looking about 26, it can be easy for some of these guys to discount me. Mike didn't know me, and I told him that I was interested in a Murci. For all he knew, I could have been BS'ing him. He spent over 2 hours with me on the Media day, bringing me into the display, getting up close and personal with the cars, as well as serving us some food & beverages in the private part of the Lamborghini display. Then on the Charity Preview Black Tie event, myself and my girlfriend had the pleasure of spending most of the evening with Mike, discussing the potential of getting me a Murci, and once again enjoying some great food & beverages. Furthermore, when my family and friends visited the show, he treated them exceptionally well, welcomding them to enter the display and spend some quality time inside the cars. I really, really, really wanted to buy a car from Mike. However, there were 2 big hurdles in getting this accomplished. First, there is a 6.1% import duty on the Murci for me to bring it into Canada from the US. Second, I needed to trade my 360 Spider to ensure tax savings, and the 360 has a lower value in the US than it does in Canada. These 2 factors essentially put the kibosh on my plans to buy from Mike. Regardless, I will say with great confidence that Mike Wogronic is the quite possibly the best Lamborghini salesperson I have met, and would not hesitate to purchase any product from him. If Mike is any indication of the overall quality of Fox Valley Motorcars, then I would say they have an exceptional quality level of customer service.
  15. Clax,
    Thank you for your detailed comments!!
  16. Very cool. We have another objective enthusiast here who doesn't say "Ferrari sucks" or "Lamborghini sucks" or "how many race wins does Lambo have", etc. Nice to see people that can truly look at the car instead of the badge, hype, history, F1 wins, or Internet lore. Personally, I prefer the Murcie styling over the 360, but I respect racerdj for his objective approach & comments. To me, that is the mark of a true enthusiast.
  17. I even enjoy my ZO6 but feel the Murci will waste it on acceleration, corneing and probably everything else. Come to think about it, since I've been sharing it with my son (he is actually buying it from me) 20 miles out of the last 8000 I kind of forget what it's like to drive. If it weren't for competition of great cars we would not have todays models!! Or if everybody only liked Corvette's, wouldn't the sports car world be booring?
  18. i, of course, haven't had any experience with car purchases from Fox Valley, but i've spoken with Michael on several occasions and he's mailed me a few things; he's an EXTREMELY nice guy... :)
  19. imo the blue muri in the pic you posted racerdj looks nicer
  20. My wife's '04 Murcielago has about 1,300 miles on it and my '03 Maranello 575 has about 3,500. Both are noticeable faster then when purchased new. I would think this was because they are a little broken in and also because I am running lighter motor oils.

    In discussion yesterday with an engineer we agreed that modern engines are not just broken in after a thousand miles. It is a continuous process. Engines keep getting faster after 10's of thousands of miles. This does assume you give it proper care. We wondered if the computer also held back the car and actually let it go faster as the milage increased.

    My point is that if you think some new car is fast, you will not believe how much faster it can get.

  21. I also love both, and don't see why so many are so polarized on the Ferrari/Lambo issue. I'll take one of each! Heck, I'll take five of each!!!

    I guess it's just to have a rival for the sake of a rivalry. I wonder if there's a correlation between this divisive behavior and being a big team sports fan.

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