For $150k~$175k range... What's the best? | LamborghiniChat

For $150k~$175k range... What's the best?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by PatrickShim, Nov 1, 2004.


For $150k~$175k range... What's the best?

  1. Ferrari 360 F1 Modena

  2. Ferrari 360 (6spd.) Modena

  3. Lamborghini Diablo 6.0

  4. Lamborghini Gallardo (6spd.)

  5. Lamborghini Gallardo (E-Gear)

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  1. For $150k~$175k range... What's the best car to get?
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  3. Diablo 6, of course.
    You'd be nuts to pick a V8 over a V12, and the Gallardo ... it's not a Lambo anymore IMHO. Just a very fast and good looking Audi. Unless that's what you want.
    but the Diablo 6 is the essence of Lambo ...
  4. I love the styling of the 6.0 way more then a Gallardo and 360's are only going to lose their value over the next few months. I would take the 6.0 in a heartbeat!
  5. 6.0 is an easy winner. Low depreciation vs F-car and Gallardo new.

  6. Its a tough choice. It has got to be a Diablo. I am half way between a 94 VT and a 6.0 on pure asthetics. The 6.0 is obviously a much better car, but IMO the 94 VT looks better. The 300ZX headlights are the only aspect of the 6.0 that don't do it for me. I guess I am a popups man. That said the 6.0 has grown on me and now I am really liking it (thanks to Bens constant stream of pics..)
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  8. FORD GT!!!! I believe thats the "best" as in fastest of these...otherwise, Ill be the first to say a gallardo, because of the warranty. the 360 can't compete in this crowd, and the 6.0 is beautiful, but not sure youd want it with no assurance that there are no bugs...
  9. Diablo Roadster......., a complete unbias opinion :)
  10. Hey where is the SE 30 ?

    Read Lamborghini Cars for the scoop, on this 2wd lightweight hotrod !!!
  11. Can we add Countach to the list?
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  13. Just put any of those cars in front of a club and see which one people are more Attracted to.

    Hands down 6.0 and you must drive it to see what i mean. The Diablo is the most exotic car imo.

    I also agree with the 300z light being a A turn off even though it looks better when the lights are on. Also I like the old Diablo interior better than the 99 and up.
  14. Doesn't Diablo 6.0 have several problems? I hate when I have to get the car serviced every other week (I'm planning on driving regularlly, so I want to be able to drive it anytime).
  15. I drive one of my 6.0's most every day. Nothing breaks on them. The only 6.0 problem is leaky front shocks, and that is only if you press the button a lot to raise and lower the ride height. Just ignore the button and you never have the problem. I offer extended warranties on exotics, that is my main business -- the Diablo 6.0's just never break.

  16. I know a guy in N. Carolina that bought a new 6.0 back in 2001 and he wound up making Lamborghini take it back or be sued under the Lemon Law. It was in the shop (ultimate Motors) way more than he had it. Good thing for the Warranty because the repair costs approached $100K. He showed me copies of the invoice. One interesting note, Lambo auctioned this car to their Dealers quietly and gave a new 0ne year Warranty with the car. A dealer in GA bought it and I guess they sold it to someone as I do not see it anymore. I believe it was yellow.
  17. Repair costs of $100k? I'd have to see the repair bills to believe that one. You can put a new engine and transmission and twin turbos and nitrous for that price. :) I'm not trying to discredit you by saying it didn't happen, but I'd be really curious to see that repair bill.

  18. i'm surprised so many people dislike the flat headlights as opposed to the pop ups on the diablo.

    i feel the opposite and even had a conversion done to replace the pop ups to "300zx style".
  19. Seems to be one of those things like wing or no wing, new rims or stock rims, sugar or sweetner. :)

  20. Ben: The repair period coverd about 8-9 months. You name it and it included it. Also the car was shipped to Orlando many times by truck which Lamborghini paid for. I still have most of the invoices with the charges and believe me, at $90 to $100 per hour just for labor, then factor in the very high prices for parts and it does not take to long to get the numbers up there. This car was obviously a "lemon" and yes the invoices totaled in the high $90's!
  21. Good point. If a GT was available at list it should be looked at......
  22. No. As far as I know, the Diablo 6.0 lights are actually real 300ZX lights! I was told that by the local Lambo dealer. They are Nissan 300ZX lights on a super exotic. What gives?

    Those lights are a bit of a disgrace IMO, because they came out in 1989 on the 300ZX. They are a step back in time! There were no Diablos in 89.

    Ben, with the mis-information regarding the reliability of the 6.0s you would be making a killing selling warranties ;)
  23. Torn between the 6.0 and a used 360 Modena. The Modena is more thrilling to drive as it doesnt feel that heavy. I love the 6.0 however; its the best Lambo IMO ( although i need to drive GT first ) .
    Cant go wrong with either..
  24. are the headlights really from a 300Z or just look very similar? I'm shocked and disappointed if they are.
  25. To clarify...

    Lamborghini bought the headlights for the 6.0 etc, from Nissan. Probably before they were in a 300zx if it makes everyone feel better :)

    (OK, I guess technically Nissan probably sourced out the parts and it wasn't directly form them, but you know what I mean)
  26. Its my understanding (and I may be wrong) that the lights are actually real 300ZX lights. There is no difference. I was told this by the local Lamborghini dealer (I would hope he would have his facts striaght).

    The 300ZX was produced in 1989 with those lights long before 2000 when the 6.0 was produced.

    Can someone please clarify this? Ben? AJ?
  27. if you look at those 2 pics side by side they are the same it appears. I also always wondered why the 6.0's lights weren't flush with the body, but figured it was by design or something to do with the angle of the glass and light passing through.

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