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First real Gallardo #'s!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by allanlambo, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. Here you go. Not too shabby.

    0- 60 kph in 2.4 secs.
    0- 80 kph in 3.3 secs.
    0-100 kph in 4.2 secs.
    0-120 kph in 5.6 secs.
    0-130 kph in 6.3 secs.
    0-140 kph in 7.3 secs.
    0-160 kph in 9.0 secs.
    0-180 kph in 11.1 secs.
    0-200 kph in 13.8 secs.
    Vmax = 309 kph

    60-100 kph in 4.8/6.2 secs. in 4th/5th gear
    80-120 kph in 4.5/6.3 secs. in 4th/5th gear
    60-100 kph in 7.6 secs. in 6th gear
    80-120 kph in 8.1 secs. in 6th gear

    min. 13.3 litres/100 kms
    max. 28.5 litres/100 kms
    av. 21.9 litres /100 kms
    max. 411 kms from refueling to refueling

    speedo/real speed
    80 / 74
    100 / 92
    130 / 121
    160 / 149

    100-0 kph in 39 ms

    386 kW/500 Bhp @ 7800 rpm
    74.2kW/10100.8 Bhp per litre
    displacement: 4961 ccm
    bore x stroke: 82.5 x 92.8 mms
    510 Nms @ 4500 rpm

    gear ratios
    1st: 2.56
    2nd: 1.85
    3rd: 1.42
    4th: 1.14
    5th: 0.94
    6th: 0.81
    rear: 2.81
    axle: 3.08:1

    Length/width/height: 4300/1900/1165 mms
    tank volume 90 litres
    curb weight 1612 kgs
    trunk 110 litres
    max. load 188 kgs

    list price 139,200 Euros
    board computer +464 Euros
    heated rear mirrors +174 Euros
    metallic colour +1392 Euros
    sequetial gear box +9280 Euros

    plus some pics:
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  3. Wow.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I'm confused. Generally understand everything, but these two. Maybe its an metric->english problem I have, but:

    It can stop from 62 mph in 39 milliseconds? Only with a wall.
    10100.8 bhp per litre? 500hp, so its a 50cc motor?

    Thanks for the update otherwise!

  5. 39 meters :)
    and obviously Allan made a typo , the car has +/-100 hp per litre

    hope that helps
  6. When I first saw a Gallardo in Monaco this year.....I thought WOW! This is a cool car....500hp, real exotic looks and Audi engineering. I placed an order!!!!

    I got to drive one last week. Audi may have done some great engineering...but the Lambo braille God's are at work again. There was vitrually zero visability to the back and 3/4...and if you turn your hear to look out the back end up with a nice view of the sky becaue it's so high up. You also sit so low in the car that the top of the dash is at forehead level....YIKES!

    The performance was brilliant!! Fast...handled great...looked fabulous in Nero Metalico.....but....
    As I like to use my cars having zero visability makes for an impossible driving experience. Result.....cancelled order!!

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  8. I also liked the gallardo with its very impressive spec and am considering ordering one to ex the 355.

    However, all the road testers here said 'its impressive- as in a fast audi TT, its like driving a fast appliance, more in the mould of a 996tt, another road tester said it was a lost opportunity- very good on paper but somehow lacking the experience.

    Then I got to see one in real life and the interior was very dissapointing for a car this price
  9. This belongs in OT or Other German! LOL

  10. We should make a new banner for General discussion.

    Fiat General discussion.
  11. Vmax=309 kmh

    That is boring.

    Lets try something different

    Velocita' massima = 309 kmh
    It sounds and "is" so much better.

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  13. Sounds like the speedometer is quite optimistic...

    0-160 in 9.0 is very fast.. isnt that about as fast as a merci?
  14. Murci's have been clocked in the low 8's to 100mph.
  15. While going through the Auto Und Motorsport site, i did notice that in the Gallardo road test they gave the Gallardo 5 stars, while the 360 Stradale, only recieved 4.

    Anyone where i can find the numbers from their Murcielago roadtest? On their site you have to buy it.
  16. Not sure where some of you are reading your reviews (I'm not doubting you), but every one I've read save one has the Gallardo as a visceral machine eclipsing the 360. Others mention it's sporting nature.

    I'll make up my mind when I drive one.

  17. I just test drove the gallardo yesterday. Put about 60miles on it combo NYC traffic, highway, and tight country roads. Just to preface the review, I have 996TT X-50 with some tweeks. I also have been strongly considering the 360. The Lambo was Blk met, with blk and yellow leather. It looks outrageous in person, much better than the photos. The rear end in pics does not look right, but in person you can see how the curves all flow properly. Much more interesting too look at then the 360. (the stradale with its tweeks looks awesome though). I am 6'2" and the cockpit was plenty roomy. The car was a 6 speed. The control are very light, clutch, shift, steering, and brake pedal. The sound at start up is a bit muted, similar to my TT prior to exhaust change. I think this is down to regulations and is easily changed. the visibility is great out front with the sloping windshield and 1/4 glass. In the rear you can see everything behind you in the mirror. The side view mirrors also have no real blind spots. Looking over shoulder at first you don't think you can see, but the car is so low and small that there is essentially no significant blind spot. You have to get used to the refection off the flying buttress. Around town very docile, easy to drive stop and go. Plenty of torque to move away with very little revs. The looks draw alot of attention even in black. Ok so now the the open road. Give the engine some gas and hold on, what unbelievable speed. Strong linear power from 3000 rpm until redline. The speed build very quickly and the engine realy spins freely under hard acceleration. The brakes scrub off speed very well. The brake pedal was a little soft and touchy compared to my turbo, but the bit was equal if not better. The car also sound great under acceleration. The pedal position needel slight adjustment for better heal/toe action. The brake pedal would drop slightly below the gas pedal, and with fly by wire throttle it was touchy to modulate, but a small set up issue. Now the handling. Very flat in turns, excellent turn in feel, with unbelievable grip. Switch off the ESP and you can slide the back around a turn, with it on forget it , all the dash lights come on the it fights you. The car does not feel to wide the negotiate tight 2 lane country roads, 1st and 2nd gear is all you need. It definitely feels wider then the turbo, but it only made me realize how small the turbo really is on the way home. Transitions are very quick and well controlled from left, right, and accl and brake. Ground clearance was adequete, you will scrape the underside of the front, not the bumper itself, and can bottom out and a very bad road. So in summary, the car definitely delivers the goods. The problem with this car and my turbo as well, is that they are so good, so fast, and so capable, that to really separate them out you need to be on a closed course or just crazy. I think the car was alot of fun the drive, whick is the reason I think most of us buy them. It may not have the shreik of 360 challenge stradale, but 99% of the time it probably is more fun. If any of you are into motorcycles, then you would understand the feeling by looking at the MV agusta F4 and the 999R. ( I have both, love the look of the MV and the sound but hate the engine on the road, full boil of nothing, The 999R has a much better engine for the road, at the expense of spine tingling exhaust note. I ride the 999R and just listen to the MV in my garage.) I will get my gallardo in april, E-gear for me, something different. In the end I spoke to someone who has a 360 and 996TT, and drove the gallardo, he said hands down the gallardo is more car then the ferrari, but because of the sound of the 360 you feel like you going faster when you are really eating dust from the 999TT and especially the gallardo. Personally, as speeds increase above 80mph I think the gallardo handles better then the 996TT. Power is different, turbo really kick you in the butt and thrusts you forward, but the gallardo up at 6000 feels as strong. Long winded I know but hope it can help. Just an average car nut, who likes his toys, not a pro driver extracting the last 1/10 out of the chassis.
  18. Check out Tiff's test drive video of the Gallardo.

  19. Taek,
    Thats what always happens here. 10 roadtests say the Gallardo is better, 1 says no. All of a sudden, the other 10 roadtests dont count.
  20. Hmmm...I'll take Paul Frere's judgement over Tiff's any day.

    Just goes to show that there are different things that make one happy. Nothing wrong with it. Nothing a test drive won't fix. :)

  21. I still think 70 MPH in first gear is stupid. I would have NO fun driving this car in town EVER.
  22. Well, in town their are some good points to having longer gears. Especially if you race every now and then. I find most street races happen at about 20-30mph- on. Most other cars, if they stay in 1st will need to shift immediately, others will not be able to stay in 1st, but bog in 2nd. Either way you have a distinct advantage. Plus i dont think the Gallardo really goes 70mph in 1st, more like 60, which is just like my Diablo, and poses no problems.

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