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first Gallardo service

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Think it was 6 hours labor (factory paid for this)
    I paid for parts (oil and filters -engine and gearbox) $275.
    My salesman(Nick Smith actually paid my bill-he appreciates
    my referrals I guess?) Drove the car to Symbolic ..rode the Greyhound Bus home 2 1/2 hours. next day off rode the Greyhound to San diego/cab then drove car home. Nothing like a ride on the Greyhound to remind me
    of street life.
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  3. What.....!!!???

    No used 360 trade-ins as "service loaners" ?
  4. AS a Lamborghini convertee....I would just as soon ride the Greyhound!! (not really but it sounded like the right thing to say in memory of Allanlambo)
  5. I'm amazed that they don't give you a loaner car. That's really bad service IMO.
    The low bill sounds good though.
  6. I didn't even talk to service people as I dropped it on a Sunday and picked it up on a Sunday.Actually, the salesman offered to truck it to me but I didn't want to be "pampered" no big deal.
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  8. BB, did you have any warranty stuff done during the first service? I need a new door pull for the passenger side and a speaker cover too - parts are due any day. My wipers are OK in rain but smear with the washer alone.

    Nothing major to report, but the door thing has been mentioned by others - are your door handles OK?

    BTW, I've done 4000km (2500miles) and got a service before Easter.

  9. I had NO issues with the car registered by complain about parking with E-Gear.
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  13. Man, ridin' the dog!!! That is true commitment to the car! How is the car holding up for you? I have not had any problems with my clients cars, they love them. Hope you are throughly enjoying it.

  14. I'm enjoying it Entirely TOO MUCH! Want to switch the wife over to one
    but she is 5 feet tall and can't even see over the dashboard when
    she sits in it.without major cushions or major mods to seat.
    She's a Porsche nut and wants a 997Turbo when available. I told her fine
    but you pay for it! She said "no problem " (She owns her own business,
    a Ballet School, and does quite well).

    Womens Lib... We used to have an arrangement in the family..I made all the money..she did all the excercise!!
    Now she's making money and expects me to excerse also!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Wayne, you are doing well to have your wife so keen. Mine doesn't like even to ride in it - too flashy for her. Says she's embarrassed for me! Prefers to drive her Volvo.....

    My wife is also small. She hasn't tried to drive it yet, but you've got me checking the seat. I thought the driver's seat was height adjustable - not so?

  16. Hey Wayne,
    If you get the power seats she will be fine. They adjust up enough to suit her I believe. The Porsche is a great car. One of my clients came by with his new GT3 this weekend and showed it too me. I really liked it. It is still finished very well for a car that is primarily for the track.

  17. I know I wanted to buy a stripped down version but all I found were cars loaded with dealer options I didn't want or need.

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