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Finally got to check out a gallardo in person

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by lotustt, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. And first thing I have to say is WOW! Again pictures do no justice. It was black and maybe that had something to do with it but wow it looked incredible! I like 360's and there was a red one to that i was looking at and it flat out was blown away by the gallardo's looks. It just looked like it was missing something now when there next to each other. The gallardo simply stunning looks! To bad I did'nt drive it. But the car looks great, check one out in person for yourself, might just change your opinions on it.
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  3. Well, just goes to show again how opinions differ on a car's sex appeal. I too saw the Gallardo and the 360 side by side, and much prefer the 360. The Lambo looked heavy and way too "creased", I like the sensual curves of the 360 much, much better.

  4. i agree with gary, the gallardo looked like a geometry class gone awry.....bad art deco...the lines andangles are too sharp and not flowing..i drove one also and didnt care for it as much a 360..the controls felt dead compaired to 360....

  5. Of course everyone sees things differently....but of all people I know that have driven one, you are the first to say "the controls are dead"!
    Exactly the opposite. The car is lively,sticks like glue and
    accelerates incredibly. The 360 is not even in the same league
    performance and handling -wise!

    Looks are subjective and granted the 360 is gorgeous.Some prefer one
    some prefer the other. Performance on the other hand is or should be objective.So objectively I can say the Gallardo is light years ahead of the 360!
  6. there is more to driving a sports car on the road than pure performance...the sound of the engine , the feel of the steering and the clutch,the feel of the car around corners, the driving position, the feel of the seats etc...these are subjective and everyone has there own perferances to what is important... anycar with even 300 hp rarely gets driven at more than 60% capacity of its performance on the these subject factor also become important as much as 0-60 times...didnt mean to offend your car...the gallardo is a great exotic, very well built and many people love the styling...
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  8. I do like 360's as well and think they are a sexy car. But just seeing the Gallardo next to one yesterday made the 360 look as if it was missing something. Maybe i had lower expectations of seeing a gallardo in person and it just turned out to look even better than any pictures i have seen. Its true everyone has there own opinions and thats fine. But I just wanted to mention i was able to see one and to me it looks stunning and chiseled.
  9. Yeah, about 300 lbs of road-hugging weight! :)

    No problem, I respect your opinion, there are certainly many who would prefer the Gallardo.

  10. Inmo, the 360 vs Gallardo comparison is unfair. The 360 should be compared more to the Jalpa.
  11. Now Allan,thats hitting a bit low.How about the Countach?We could compare the 360 to the Countach!!Similar handling and performance numbers.I know the Countach is 15 years old.........
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  13. Yes, but the Countach is far better looking, so i decided on the Jalpa.
  14. Good point!!
  15. Don't bother (with me at least) trying to find the right Lambo to compare to the 360, there is not a single one I'd take over the Modena. They (Lambos) are all too over the top for me, not quite automotive bling-bling but getting there.

  16. Thats cool, it takes a real man to drive a Lambo, 360's are for girls.

    But hey, id have a tough time choosing between a Jalpa and a 360 also.
  17. Saw a yellow Gallardo in motion yesterday. Look much better in yellow than black IMO and not next to a Murci (which is far better styled).

    It does look like something special, but it is edgy and NOT beautiful like the Murci.

    I've never seen one beside a F360 ...

  18. While taking a break from working with a waterskiing pro in Orlando, my son and I stopped by to see the Lamborghini's. I met Kurt Osterman and while talking and after a tour of their dealership I drove the Gallardo. While I'm not a Lamborghini fan, the Gallardo certainly has set a high mark for FERRARI to hit with the 360 replacement. I'm on the 360 replacement list and am anxiously awaiting the new car. The Gallardo with V-10 and 4 wheel drive really gets the power to the pavement. I was very impressed with the car as well as my treatment at the dealership.
  19. i love allans arguements...reminds me of being in 3rd grade...

  20. What is this????????? Is this a response of some sort???
  21. Here's the problem....... Ferrari drivers are hesitant,for the majority, to even
    drive one.I'm certain if more did more would switch Marques.
  22. I firmly believe that we have better cars due to the many great choices we have. I am a sports car lover at heart. I even enjoy my ZO6 when my son isn't driving it.

  23. freak, the gallardo's ass looks so similar to an audi a4, especially those taillights, the inside is something either an audi or vw parts bin
  24. Funny coming from an Alfa Romeo driver..

  25. and damm proud,was totally expecting that response? have fun with ur audi
  26. Well since i dont have anything from Audi, ill let you play with your Alfa.

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