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Finally! Concept S Geneva Pictures!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Blue S2, Mar 3, 2005.


    Here we go!

    EDIT! AND ITS NOT FULLY SPLIT! This car would do just fine in the real world! I think they should put it into production! Looks better than any regular roadster IMO. I doubt they will though!
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  3. I know practicality and whatnot are disregarded when it comes to exotics but I still have to ask: Why the line down the middle? Is there some sort of professional race that splits the passenger and drver? I usually like to feel im in the same space as my passenger. Unless it's a nagging gf that is. :D
  4. Why is Lambo wasting $ on bullsh it show cars that they'll never build?
    Why not spent the $ to develop a proper top for the Murcie spyder, something that would increase sales?
    With a top that isn't a joke that one would really sell as would a real G spyder.
    IMO a top that would be great on the Murcie would be one like the one 575 Super America.
    How does a show car like this help them?
  5. They are Italian, not German! Its not "form follows function"...its "Damn this looks good! Lets build one and enjoy it!"
  6. I guess I'm extra harsh since I don't think it looks good. :(
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  8. You know that the Audi management does not have the balls, to even think about selling it.
  9. From a design standpoint, it's awesome.

    Practical? Not really.

    Do I love it? Yes.

  10. It's a concept, take it for what it is guy's.
  11. I was asking myself that question?

    It might have to due with the free buzz and advertising ..... fills the gap until their next big launch of the "real" Gallardo spyder later this year.

    Take some of the buzz away from Ferrari and the 430's at the show.

    How much is this worth?

    Or do the design studios do this work for free hoping they will get a bid from Lambo to design future cars???
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  13. I love it.

  14. Niether do I, I'd prefer a Gallardo coupe or spider. Just me though.
  15. Lamborghini doesn't have a racing program. (well...barely if anything now with the new car...) Lamborghini only makes 2 models. There's barely any varations of their cars. Their cars run FOR LONG model lives. They dont sell many cars. Lamborghini doesn't really have much going for them to keep them in the news. How often do you hear about new Lamborghini activity, or see press releases?

    Putting out random cars that are really impressive in between model releases makes sense if it helps keep their name around. I would think it would stir interest for their upcoming models as well.

    People knew a Gallardo Spyder was coming out eventually but you dont hear much about people talk about a Gallardo spyder since this concept was announced.
  16. Good call Mark, I agree, and I'm pretty sure that is by the same designer as the Gallardo.
  17. Its the first design from Lambo's new styling house, headed up by Luc Donckerwolke, designer of all Lambo's since the 6.0. If anything, I think its an attempt by them to show they are capable of producing outrageous cars loaded with Italian style, since that has been a critisim of the Gallardo and Murcielago.

    As for being a waste of money, this car looks like it was 'cheap', as far as concepts go. Afterall, its a stock Gallardo interior, engine, drivetrain, etc.

    I love it, and would love to see a run of 25-50 made. Apparently, the Gallardo Spider is pretty much ready, and incorporates a completely different set up with a power top. The Concept S is distinct enough that a small run ought to find some demand.
  18. Looks spiffy. Now if only it wasn't in white...

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