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Ferrari Traitor! (Long self-indulgent story)

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Uberpower, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. I have started to type the first sentence for this post ten times now, I just don't know how to express in words the newfound love I have for Lamborghini.

    I could have gone anywhere for my 16th birthday, I asked my parents to drive me to the Ferrari dealership. It seemed that at that time, Ferrari's were quite rare in Denver, so I had the time of my life discussing the various makes and models that were out. A brand new 1995 355 sat on the showroom floor.

    I made a promise to buy that car for myself by the time I was 25.

    Well, my 25th is four short months away and I have hit a bit of a bump... I rode in a new friend's 99 Lamborghini Diablo today and I am SOLD.

    First, I was 10 minutes late in meeting him- AND I didn't see his Diablo in the restaurant parking lot... it turns out that he parked it at the Nissan dealership next door INSIDE the service bay. This was not prearranged, but he said with a smile "You can get away with ANYTHING in a Lamborghini".

    We had lunch and he invited me for my very FIRST ride in a Diablo- how could I say no? (Looked at buying one 3 years ago but wimped out before the test drive.)

    When we finally beat the service guys back long enough to get into the car, I was suprised at how ergonomic the interior of the car was! Diablo interiors photograph as boxey to me... late 80s Lotus style. This was ANYTHING but that. Far superior to the interior (plasticky) of the 360.

    My friend is not into showboating, he is into driving. Quickly. Before I know it, we are doing 110 on the feeder road- he is in perfect control of the machine. I am laughing out loud from sheer delight. We stop at the light and a Dodge Ram and Porsche are both revving to race. My friend gives a dismissive laugh, accelerates- they are gone... did they really ever exist?

    "You will see... the brakes are quite effective..." said my friend. 100-0 in quicker than I'd like to admit, I got a good look at my tonsils... and felt every organ in my body move forward while I was restrained by the belt.

    We flip a U-Turn under the highway and I see two vagabonds, and consider them for a moment, deciding whether to pity them of feel guilty. Accelerator is punched, guilt is gone... only pleasure remains.

    We enter the highway and scream down 3 exits, and are cut off by a soccer mom in a Ford Exploder. Brakes, downshift, 110 turns into 70 and then turns into 110 once again.

    We pull back into the restaurant parking lot and he drops me off at my car. Two attractive 20-somethings gawk at the car from their SUV (thinking... ooh! If I landed one of THOSE guys, I would never have to pay for ANY clothing article EVER again!)

    When I ride with my friend in his 360, I feel like I can get attention.

    When I ride with my new friend in his Diablo, I feel like I can get whatever I want!

    Life is good. Come August, my stable may have a Bull instead of a stallion.

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  3. Nice to see I would take both a Lamborghini Murcialgo and a Ferrari 355 spyder not to big of a fan of the 360 I would rather wait for its replacement.
  4. Good for you, and isn't it nice we have choices.

  5. You see, you can have a nice 99 Diablo for around $140K and buy a nice 355 GTS for around $80K. And you are STILL out the door for less than a Murcie.

    The Murcie cannot be leaps and bounds better than the Diablo?!? If it is, it must be a spacecraft!

  6. I havent ridden in one but its a newer designed car with a bigger engine then the Diablo six. I suppose it could be a little better depends on your tayste though.
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  8. I'll admit I've been daydreaming a lot lately, being away from school and work and normal life... and I've been thinking if I had a big windfall I'd be getting an orange pearl 6.0 or a Gallardo. With prices as they are, for a used 360 price you can get a Diablo 6.0 - in which case I'd go Lambo. Under $100k, I'd be thinking 355. Lately I've had more of a penchant for flashy colors, too.

    Gees Nick, makes me feel lost that I'm going to be 25 this fall too, and I'm not going to be able to get my Ferrari ;-) (and :-( for me!)... This is why I love F-chat though - it's the only place young 20-somethings can complain about not having a supercar before other people even finish school.
  9. NO355yet
    Congrats on setting goals and working towards them. That is the way to keep moving in life. Good Luck in your success and enjoy whichever car you purchase. The hunt for a car is a great journey.
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  13. I agree with 6.0SE. It was a bit harsh. I mean, we're all on troll alert lately, but Nick hasn't said anything to deserve a thrashing. Unless it's his waivering faith in the scuderia your bashing. But this is the "Other Italian" speakeasy, where we confess we also like (or some preferring) Lambos.
  15. Remarkable what they can do with modern plastics, isn't it. Looks JUST LIKE aluminum and leather.

  16. you have lots of friends with exotics..amazing
  17. I honestly think the 360 interior is gorgeous. As for lamborghini's I've never really liked their look, and it just seems ferrari's pays so much more details into little things.
  18. What lambo interiors?The countach,the diablo,the new diablo interiors,the murci,the gallardo?The 360 is a late model specific F car.Lambo is a rather generic term and applies to alot of cars.Be more specific.
  19. My 6.0 runs consistant 3.3-3.4 0-60.And thats with exhaust only.Dogs,I think not.I love eating P cars,and I dont even need my BULL to do that,I just use a little american muscle for that job.That would be a modded to hell and back Viper,so bring it on P car.
  20. 6.0 SE you friggin' Rock!!! When I drive from Columbus to South Beach in my Diablo, me and my wife have to buy you lunch when we stop in ATL!! Deep down every P-car owner, every F-car owner, want a Lambo!!! Long live the Bull!!
  21. No355 I share your feelings. Two years ago I spent about a half hour or so driving a 6.0VT. I do like Ferraris but Id rather own a Lamborghini, so that'll be my first exotic as well.
  22. Hey,glad to see you decided to drive it down ,outstanding!!
  23. Well more recently saw the interior of the gallardo, and was not impressed. Maybe I'M missing something.
  24. Yeah, It'll be something to remember forever. I'm going for it.

  25. It was to imply that most of these guys that own dealerships have quite a bit of cash and don't get too excited or something they could afford 10x over. I highly doubt you could just pull up in a Lambo and park it in the service area. Those areas are very busy not to mention the insurance liability of letting it sit there for no reason other than the guy driving it is so cool. Why don't you and him go over the one of the ricer sites and tell your tall tales with the other idiots...

  26. People also stop and stare when someone walks out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to their shoe....

  27. Wow! Do you have one of those 1,000 claimed h.p. Hennesy cars that only dyno at about 500?

    I'll bet if I told you I had an Enzo you'd have a McLaren.

    If I had pro stock door slammer you'd have a top fuel dragster.

    Remember, arguing on the internet is just like competing in the special olympics. Even if you win you still look retarded.

    As evident of your posts you always win.....

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