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Ferrari of Washington now an official Lamborghini Dealer?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by markr, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. I stopped by the dealership on Tuesday just for giggles and saw a black 04 Gallardo sitting on the sidewalk. Definitely pretty. Much to my surprise they had a yellow Murci in the show room. I was awstruck. I went in and ask the receptionist if I could have a look. While in the process I noticed a lot of Lamborghini propaganda hanging in a Ferrari Dealership???? Nah, it couldn't be. She told me that they had just officially picked up the bull 2 weeks ago. I was surprised at that based on the fact that I was under the impression that Lamborghini only "approved" Lamborghini only dealerships. She told me that was true so they were on the verge of some renovations to split the Lamborghini's from the Ferrari's. Furthermore, she said they had already placed an order for 5 cars for inventory.

    Anyone heard any news or have any "inside" information on the new development? They have not yet updated their website yet. At any rate, best news I have gotten all year.
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  3. They did pick it up and will be constructing an all Lambo building next door with its own service dept.
  4. That is excellent. Thanks for info Jeff.
  5. I don't know of another dealer who caries both L and F cars. Is there another situation like this?
  6. That place will be like a Boxing ring soon :D
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  8. There is a yellow Gallardo at Ferrari off Denver. Maybe a trade in?
  9. Markr, I was down there yesterday pickin' up a part for the 328 and saw the Lambos also. Don't know if those are cars that they got from Criswell after taking over the franchise or if they were from somewhere else. Nice to hear they got some new ones on the way already.
    Thanks for the update.
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  11. Here in germany we have two official dealers, who sell Ferrari and also Lamborghini:
  12. Here in NJ we have Classic Coach who owns both Bergen County Lambo and Ferrai of Central Florida. Not in the same building of course, but same ownership.
  13. I Vancover It Lotus and Lambo plus Canada Large used Porche dealer

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