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Ferrari and Lambo ain't got nothing on this!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by tbakowsky, Feb 16, 2004.

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    When I forst saw the pic's in a magazine I wasn't too sure about it. Now that I have seen the car in person...This is such a beautiful car!! I looks like a super car should. And it is very classy in design. Hold all judgement on this car until you have seen one in the flesh!!!
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  3. Is that a Mercedes...?

    i'm holding judgment. :)
  4. That would be the utterly awful Mercedes SLR.
  5. LOL... i'm still holding judgment, but doesn't the rear (at least in that picture) somewhat resemble an RX8...?
  6. A clown shoe to top all other clown shoes.

    Finally a car that 456 owners can point to and say: "See, there IS a car uglier than mine! Finally!!!"

    On a sidenote, that SLR was damaged when two US Navy F-14 fighter planes attempted to land on its hood, mistaking it for an aircraft carrier landing strip.
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  8. I disagree is does look nice but it don't beat the Enzo in styling (or performance in that matter) no way in hell.

    Plus its got a V8 turbo ffs everyone knows supercars must carry a min of 10 cylinders and plus only losers use turbo's in order to match the NA cars.

    But still very nice and very fast car indeed.
  9. It's supercharged. Guess they're still losers.
  10. I've seen it in the flesh. Not impressed at all. It looks like the car that is driven by the Ambiguously Gay Duo (Saturday Night Live cartoon). Regardless of price, I'd take a number of Ferrari's & Lamborghini's before this car.
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  12. I'm guessing the 288GTO, F40, or the 959 was not a supercar, then?

    What an idiot.
  13. I'm not talking about the earlier Ferrari's. I'm talking about what they have in production now. I saw the 612..I didn't want to waste the space on my camera for that abomination. This car to me is nothing short of awsome. Yea the nose is a little on the long side but so is the 612's. The performance on this car is nothing short of astounding..and it may just be comparable to the Enzo. But we'll have to wait to magazine race that one. You must remeber this car has all the luxury and gadgets one would need in a car. The Enzo does not...but of course it for a different target of the market.

    Jay Leno had nothing but praise for the car..and in fact, I think he got the first one in the north America. And this comming from a Mclearn F1 owner.

    I also saw the baby lambo..was very surprized how small it is. But the design of the car imho is dated. I didn't take any pic's of that one either.

    They will sell all they can make and then some.

  14. The most pointless car ever..

    As expensive as a CGT but with a ****ing autobox and more than 1600 kgs..

    Plus it looks like a shoe.
  15. Nice Z4 wheels....
  16. If you really want to see a car that looks like a clown shoe..have a look at a red viper RT/10 form above with the roof off. It looks identical to Ronald Mcdonalds shoes.
  17. Those wheels make it look like a kitchen appliance.

    Turn it "on", and it makes a tossed salad!

    What do I know?

  18. Jay Leno is a Gordon Murray Fan and he would buy anything Murray designs. Yes he has a F1 and a Rocket (single seater). However, even GM was not that enthralled over what took place on the SLR. He wanted the car to be a lot lighter but Mercedes intervened. Looks are subjective, I think the original showcar I saw in person at the F1 Race at Indianapolis in 2000 looked a lot better than the production car. Just my 2 cents.
  19. not a bad car, but gets an old 3-valves engine. Evo didn't like even the McLaren version.
  20. hahaha
  21. I will hold off judgement also as I really wanted to like this car, but it looks so much like a cartoon car. It seems so exaggerated rather than classic. The preproduction car I saw at Indy a couple of years ago was also much nicer. Well, wish them luck and we'll see.
  22. F40 hasn't got 10 cylinders !!!
    F40 got turbos !!!
  23. Well....sorry to tell you Tom....IMHO it's both overpriced and very ugly.

    I'd rather have an SL65.
  24. I saw a prototype run at the 2000 F1 race at Indy. I was impressed but it's nothing compared to the ZONDA CGT or ENZO.
  25. haha, my thoughts exactly. extremely unproportionate!

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