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Feel the noise, rushing air?

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    I did a search, didn't find that this posted yet, from 2 months ago:


    selected portions below:


    Worse still, these makers of automotive exotica are wedged between a battery and a hard place, because to join the electric masses means giving up their only remaining trump card: emotion.

    It’s no secret that supercars sell almost exclusively on it. On theatrics. On excitement. On heads whipping around when they hear one rumbling down the street. And electric cars, with their incessant, flaccid whining as they gain speed, remain as spine-tingling as a bowl of off-brand cereal.

    “It’s the emotion,” Lamborghini’s chief technical officer, Maurizio Reggiani, told Wheels at the international launch of the Nurburgring-annihilating SVJ. “And that emotion is related to the sound. For me, an electric car must be like an instrument that must be able to play music, and that music must be real.

    “And that means to use aerodynamics to generate the sound, which must be related to the car’s functionality. Sound that must be a Lamborghini sound, and that is occurring naturally, not being faked.”

    (comment: then proceeds to tell us they are figuring out how to fake sound...)

    But recognising that Lamborghini will need a way to inject soul into their electric future is the easy part. The much more difficult step is actually inventing a way to create this mysterious wind-generated soundtrack.

    For that, Lamborghini has secretly commissioned two universities – one in the USA and one in Europe – to create and patent the technology needed to create a sound that can stir the emotions using nothing but rushing air. It’s all very hush-hush for now, but the Italian brand says it’s on the cusp of announcing a “robust” patent that will change the way we view (and hear) electric cars.

    “Using the air, you can make whatever sound you want. But it must be something that will define Lamborghinis of the future,” Reggiani says.

    (comment: wait a second, they commissioned this but no NDA?)

    “We haven’t yet signed the NDA, but we have something really robust in terms of patent. One of the universities is in Europe, the other is in in the USA. They’re working on it.”

    But it’s not just the sound, or lack of it, that’s currently holding Lamborghini back. There’s also the pesky problem of sustained performance – something conventional battery storage solutions are notoriously terrible at providing. And for this, Lamborghini has turned to a third university.

    The brand has partnered with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, tasking researchers there with inventing new and more durable energy storage systems that will allow a Lamborghini EV to perform at track speeds for as long as possible.

    “At this moment, the state of the electric components don’t allow us to say that there can be a pure electric Lamborghini,” Reggiani says. “Why? Because the main requirement for something to be a Lamborghini Super Sport is that it must achieve more than 300km/h, and it must be able to perform three hot laps of the Nurburgring. (comment: a good benchmark, requiring probably something like 4 tons in batteries + cooling system with current tech)

    “Today, no battery can do this. For this reason, we moved to MIT and a laboratory dedicated to energy storage. We have tasked them with studying a new kind of supercapacitor that is able to provide three times more energy storage than is available today.

    “Will it be possible? I don’t know. But if you don’t look forward, then it’s impossible to think that you can have an electric Lamborghini.”


    Summary: Unelected EU governance is using its power to kill the atmospheric automobile engine (naturally aspirated) in pursuit a bogeyman that does not exist, to whit, this planet & nature does what it wants to and we are powerless to do anything about it:


    (from link above: This implies that over much of northern Eurasia summers may have been 2.5° to 7.0°C warmer than today during the period ;9000 to 4000 yr B.P. ..BP=before present time, that was not all that long ago was it?)


    and I will leave you to contemplate this:


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