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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by bob f430, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. hi, i'm new to f-chat and this is my first post, so hello to everyone, i,ve been lurcking for some time reading most every thread (of interst )and must say there is way to many people setting around in this site when everyone should be out driving !! encluding myself.

    so much for intro.

    i have arrived! and like most, i have a tremendous passion for exotic autos. and like most of you here i have had a few, but never a lambo. i'm currently considering an 04,05 murci e gear. can someone please tell me something good about this decision. i currently drive a 05 f-spider f1. and have owned (2) 360 coup, sl55, sl600 (98), c5. a few other that dont count.

    so a few questions for you in the know.

    1)is the murci problematic

    2) is the e-gear as good as f-f1(if you consider that good) i like it .

    i talked to nick at motorcars and he informed me that the e-gear is made by the some company as f-f1, but the e-gear is much better. ture? or sales pitch?

    thats realy about it, i can figure out the rest myself.

    any help is much appreciated.

    once again hello and please drive the damm thing.

    out bob
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  3. The Murcie with E-gear, B-Gear or Z-Gear is a million light years better than any spider or other farery car excluding the Enzo for that matter.
    Buy it if you can afford it (you can ;-) ) and you'll never look back.
    Take it from someone who knows. (Me, :-D)
  4. Got my new manual Murcie in Sept 04 and done 10000 miles in it up to now. Going out in it in a moment actually. Only problems are minor electrical such as rear spoiler packing up (goes up at 80mph) and drivers door lock a bit unreliable. The wiper packed up too. Apart from that, nothing. Its superb. Can't stay out of it
  5. murci is an incredible car. i have driven my ferrari about 100 miles total since getting the lambo. the purchase is a no-brainer if you can afford it.

    i have, and prefer, a 6 speed. but i have driven the egear and it is definitely a step above F1.

    my two cents: if you are not getting new get a car with some factory warranty left because they can be touchy and touchy = $$$$$. i had an irregular idle which was remedied by replacing one of the throttle bodies. glad i didnt have to pay for that!! i also had a door locking problem which required a new actuator...glad i didnt have to pay for that too!!

    but all in all you will NEVER look back from a murci purchase. having owned dozens of exotic cars including ferraris, the fit, finish, performance and just plain feel of the murci is unparalleled.
  6. thank you all for the feed back.

    nothing here that would of change my mind. shot of "STOP DON"T DO IT" i plan on hunting the right one down, making the purchase and then driving the p#### out of it.

    out bob
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  8. Simon, that is an impressive amount of driving. I thought I was doing well to put on 20,000km in 12 months, but I've got nothing on you. Is it your only car? It must be your daily driver, that's for sure.

    Happy motoring! :)
  9. I have driven 1,400 miles in my new 2004 e-Gear Murcie since September 2004. Love it! Except during the first 1,200 break-in miles, I had to keep the RPM under 5,000. Bob, sounds like you're in the San Diego area. I know Nick. If you ever swing by Newport Beach, I will let you test drive my Murcie, and you will know why I sold my 360. I love Ferrari still, only Enzo for now.

    My 2 cents:
    (1)If you are taller than 6'4", you would barely fit comfortably in it and drive it properly. One of my Ferrari buddies (Jetx) is very tall, and he was stuck in it!
  10. thanks for the offer CitationX , but i'm miles away under the arch. i'll hit you when i' .m in your area. by then i sould be able to share my lambo experiance with all.

    out bob
  11. Yup, Simon uses it everyday.

    Fitted with a Tubi also. As awesome as the Rumoure Tubi is, if I was able to use my Murci everyday I couldn't live with it. Simon clearly is a bit nuts...

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  13. Sjblaw- appreciate your comments, always great to hear from real owners. I agree recent lambos deliver a lot for the same money starting with the Diablo 6.0
  14. Ha ha, yes it comes out every day usually. I've a Jeep Cherokee that gets a lot of stick too but the Murcie gets well looked after. I'm changing the exhaust temporarily for a 4 pipe quicksilver product in a couple of weeks. They asked me to try it so it'll be interesting,apparently not as boomy as the tubi but its going to take a lot to beat it..
  15. Simon,

    how has your clutch been? Is it the original?
  16. Yea its original, i've been really careful to look after it though. The guy at the Lambo dealership said it felt perfect last time. Apparently once it starts getting harder to depress the pedal they don't last long then. All tyres are original too but getting near the wear indicators..
  17. i was under the impression this was done on a dyno prior to installation and sale... :confused:
  18. ashsimmonds,
    I was told the same by everyone, even the mechanics at different dealers. But, wife says I am keeping this car for a while (at least 4 years), so I am taking it easy. The owner's manual actually has a break-in recommendation for RPM limits at 800, 1,000 and 1,200 miles.

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