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Feedback from Gallardo Owners Please.....

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Redlined in Wyoming, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Hey Guys: I am very seriously considering the purchase of a 6 speed Gallardo. How have the reliability of your cars been so far, and what kind of mileage have you accumulated? Also, any particular things to watch out for when I'm in the hunt for one, mechanically or otherwise? I plan on DRIVING the car. I don't believe in garage queens. At least 1 track event per year is mandatory for my performance cars. Thank you in advance for any feedback or advice you can offer.

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  3. Are you going to buy/service your G from John Elway Lamborghini? I think they're the only Lambo dealer in the RM area, besides Utah. If so, wow what a drive. Best of luck
  4. I just got a 04' 6-speed Gallardo. I have only put about 500 miles on it so far, but I drive it almost every day. I love the car. I have absolutely no complaints about it at all. It is very smooth, and has all the extras that I love that the Murcielago does not. *heated seats, power seats, dual climate control etc...* I had to laugh about the dual climate control though. I mean the car is so tiny on the inside, does it really make a difference if your air is set on 72 and your passenger had theirs on 80? lol. The car is wonderful. I say get one and get it with the glass engine cover. It looks hot!!
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    Scott drive the EGEAR, If it has the upgraded computer I'd take it over the 6 spd. I have 7200 miles on mine. GREAT car.
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  8. 10,000 km here (6000mi) and going strong.
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    Done 2000 miles in mine in a little under 2 months. No problems other than the clutch issue which is still raging on. Car drives very well, although i wouldn't use it as a daily ride as i always find that takes the edge off the sense of occasion. I'm off to the track with mine tomorrow at Brandshatch GP circuit in the UK. Getting to drive a 360, Noble, GT3 and my own car back to back. Should be an interesting experience.

    I've got the manual box, but heard good things about the egear from a lot of owners. I came from the F1 paddle shift on the 360 and thats what really put me off. The gate looks sooooo good.....
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  10. Mine is with e-gear and I prefer it over the 360M. I also came from an F1 360M and found that the e-gear performs much better under traffic jam. However, once on the open road the two are quite similar.

    I have put about 2,400 km on my G and now she's in for the 2,500 km check up. So far, I am very happy apart from occasional forgetfulness of the computer that controls the electric window. Sometime it just doesn't want to do the automatic up or down. Also the a/c outlet on the dashboard facing the windshield always blow out air no matter how you set the flow direction. But these two small problems are nothing comparing to the fun she gives me.

    Make the decision soon and have fun.
  11. You will absolutely love it. The guys at Elway are good guys. The guy who runs it is a really nice guy, I got to know him pretty well out at the Giro Roadster. I think all of their cars are order only basis though.

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  13. I love mine, no problems at all and I do drive it as close to daily as I can - that makes every day a special occasion.

    Very, very competent on track. I have had mine at Motorsport Ranch in Texas and the only problem is the fact that the full tread-depth tires will chunk after several hot laps. I am hoping to find some take-offs and get track tires. Otherwise the car stops very well, pushes only in tight turns (turn off the PSM and the car rotates much better), and runs cool - 95 deg C water and about 120 deg C oil.

    All tracksters will need to find alternative brake pads, though. At $1200 a set (front only!), an alternative is mandatory.
  14. Can wait to get mine!
  15. I've heard about the brake pads quite a few times already. We are having a track day later on this year. When you say alternate pads, do you mean a special set for track day use or just prepare a replacement after every track use? Please let me know so that I will have a proper brake on my way home from the track.

    Thanks in advance.
  16. The previous owner of my car had it serviced there and they are very nice and straight forward people. I called after two yeas and asked about the car and they told me everything and even faxed over all service records within an hour.

  17. PWONGD.. hold the switch 3-4 secs after raising and lowering window. Computer relearns stops that way.
  18. I'm really enthused by all the positive things I'm hearing about the Gallardo's reliability. Hopefully it will force Ferrari to step it up a notch. You can't rest on your laurels forever!
  19. Thanks for all of your respones so far. Please keep them coming. I really appreciate all of you taking the time to respond with some input. ALL OF YOUR CARS LOOK GREAT!

    The toughest part of my decision may be selecting the color. Man, I don't think you can pick a bad color for the car. Just one you prefer more! I love the pearl yellow, but if anything happens,dings, big scratches or worse, I don't believe you could ever match the paint and you'd have to paint the whole car.

    My wife really loves the red. She's a real car psycho too. She's in the next room reading Autoweek right now. She has no problem with me buying one. Gotta' love that.

    I've driven an 6 speed @ John Elway in Denver. Nice guys there. REALLY loved it. Effortlessly wound it up to 115 going up through Mt.Vernon Canyon on I-70. Absolutely rock dead stable in the turns at triple digits. Can't wait to get one in Wyoming, and get away from the masses in Colorado. I think I can see 175 on my speedo now....

    Haven't driven an E-Gear though. Apparrently E-Gear adds 400 lbs.(!) to the weight of the car. Not crazy about that. Thats like having 2 fat slobs in the car with you. I've driven the Cambio Corso on both Ferraris and Maseratis, nice stuff but being the stodgy guy I am, I prefer the manual box.

    Fortunately, Lambo elected to utilize chain driven cams. No more belt changes like in Brand F. What an expense pain in the gizmo. And most of them, the engine has to be pulled to do so. Boy, I certainly won't miss THAT!

    Maybe Blue with a black and cream interior, or the orange might look really hot.......
  20. Wow, 200lbs is "fat slob?" Harsh.
  21. If your 5'8" it is, but not if your 6' 1". Besides, I'm just a lippy, skinny weasel who like to generate a little controvery. See, it worked(a little).

  22. I am looking into having aftermarket pads made at a significant discount, $1200 a set is too pricey for something I can probably wear out in a weekend. The pads are a bit unusual, there are 4 pucks per caliper in front.
  23. I checked the for G-car brake pads. Nothing available yet. I also checked on pads for a 360 Modena. No problem. Available from 3 seperate manufacturers. $89 - $118 / axle (4 pads). Hopefully it is just a matter of time. Maybe if enough people call and request them it would expedite the process.
  24. 400 pounds for the e-gear? That would surprise me as there isn't that much to it (I thought).
  25. E-gear should weight around 40 lbs, not 400. All the parts are just actuator, hydrolic lines, and a few linkages (I believe). It should not add too much weight.

    If it's really 400 lbs, then the performance figure will be very different from the manual...which it isn't...
  26. G-Force, thanks Sir. I still haven't had a chance to test the e-gear computer by doing a power launching. She is now in for a 2,500km check up. I'll definitely try that after I get her back this weekend.
  27. 400 lbs does seem like alot. But that is what Dave Dunn @ John Elway Lambo in Denver told me. Sounded a little crazy to me, so I started checking it out. I checked a bunch of road tests in various magazines, Both manual and E-Gear cars. Guess what? E-Gear cars appear to weigh 400 lbs more than the manual tranny cars.

    Think about it for a minute. The E-gear transaxle would have to have all sorts hydraulic valves,the associated servos to operate them, lots of hydraulic lines, an accumulator, a reservoir, hydraulic fluid, a larger transaxle housing to contain all of that stuff,all of the associated wiring, switches and an ECU to operate it. I have also been told that the tranaxle houses 2 cluthes. The 1st is for 1-3-5 gears and the 2nd for 2-4-6. I have not been able to confirm this though. Another thing that sounds crazy, but so did the 400lbs. when I first heard it.
  28. Wowww....if that's the true weight of the E-gear system, then it does not worth buying IMO. 400 lbs will sap some performance and fuel consumption figure.

    I saw the hydrolic unit of the 360, and it was't big. All the hoses don't weight much.... but I don't know the total figure of the system.

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