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Favorite Diablo-vote

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, May 21, 2004.


What is your favorite Diablo?

  1. '94 Diablo SE

  2. '98 Diablo S.V.

  3. '99 Mill. Roadster

  4. '01 Diablo 6.0

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Might be fun.Couldnt find it in search.I selected the 4 models that are unique,and only produced in 1 or 2 years.I did not list the VT,or base early Diablo,as they were available for many years.I did not include the factory race versions of the SV-R or GT.I have included 1 pic of each car,in order of the poll.
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  3. This is not fair. Why are you making me choose favorites?

    I went with the 6.0, but that red SE30 makes me mess myself everytime I see the pic. I love them all, now leave me alone.
  4. Millennium Roadster, but I may be slightly biased :)

  5. A.J.

    This is not fair. I really really appreciate the bias crap that is going on in this pole. Why is the Diablo Limo not included ? I do give tours of the special lightweight SE 30. POA for the tour. I will be going on a fun run tomorrow with a bunch of Lamborghinis and Ferraris. I will be thinking of you all. My adoring SE 30 fans !!!!!!!!

    Thanks Eric. A.J. Do you always put the icing on the top ?

    Why wait until June 4th ? The "refined" 6.0 will win. LOL
  6. Thats a trick question. I like the SV, Roadster, and 6.0. I voted for the Millenium Roadster since I got a ride in the one you posted. Thanks again Mark! Are you going to be there Sunday morning?
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  8. I plan on getting there about 10:30, should be fun!
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  10. Dam John,that looks unreal!!.I havent voted yet(really),but I think you just swayed me.I know most dont agree,but a Diablo can hold those BOLD graphics and look great.NICE PICS!!!The 94se is my all time favorite exotic,no doubt.It is track ready,and street able.At 3000lbs and 530hp,it was underrated in all the numbers ever put out on the car.RALPH,YOU STOLE MY CAR!!!!
  11. AJ, I'm honored you would show my 6.0 car instead of the Golden Jem you have.
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  13. I'm happy you liked my pics!
    btw they're selling that SE30 for $379,000 CAN
    The weird thing about this Lambo is that ,they're saying it has 0 km on the clock. This SE30 is *Number 136.
    If someone is more interested click here for more infos.

    A.J. maybe this is your chance to add this Lambo next to the Diablo 6.0 that you have? :D
  14. I have to say that 94 red SE is the real deal,man what a sweet car!
  15. Aj, the red goes better with your Golden Diablo, therefor to keep harmony in the household the YELLOW Countach must go!! Indiana??
  16. Very very awsome car. I like the color!! I'm surprised on liking the large Diablo on the sides but tastefully done!! Did I mention great color!
  17. I voted SV. I love the 6.0L, but the 2WD fits Lambo better, IMO. :D
  18. That Diablo Graphic is very cool, and unexpected!
  19. 244 users have viewed this thread,and 40 have voted.VOTE!!!!
  20. 6.0,

    The other 204 votes are for the SE30 Jota.

    Have fun.
  21. OH.lol
  22. Nice words Glen

    SE 30 JOTA and Diablo GT. You guys have very good taste. I suppose cheap beer will not do with you guys ? No case of 24 cans ? You all want some hot gal to give you imported beer, in a bottle with a frozen mug. Of course from some brand over there, nobody has ever heard of.

    What else ?

    Versace pants
    D & G sunglasses
    La Perla lingerie

    .....Oh you get the idea.

    ...and stop looking at QV500.com
  23. Great looking pictures!!
  24. No,I didnt forget it.I said I was leaving off the SV-R and GT,because they are not mainstream and street legal.Just road worthy Diablos factory production cars in this poll.But great pics!!
  25. The GT is a Europe only car? That's a shame! GT or SV ... 2WD is the way to go :D
  26. No,there are some in the U.S.,but not street legal.No vin# etc......
  27. sorry for the mistake, but out of the listed i'd most probably go with the SE30..but i stick by my orginal statement - i love all the Diablos.

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