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Favorite:Diablo or Murcielago

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, May 22, 2004.


Your Favorite:Diablo or Murcielago

  1. Diablo

  2. Murcielago

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  1. Got this idea from a Google poll.This doesnt mean that we are precluding the other Lambos,or saying these are the top 2.They are just the latest editions of the 12 cylinder "badboys".
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  3. great poll though, surprised its so close!
  4. I Like this poll.

    Diablo all the way of course!
  5. I love both of them so much but i liek the murcie a bit better.
  6. very hard question, too close to call
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  8. Love them both but diablo wins because of value for the dollar.
  9. If you compare the two interiors, the one thing I miss is the visible carbon fiber pannels.
  10. Need more votes!!
  11. Ok,this is the last time I will push it up.
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  13. Oh Man,the Murci is coming on in this poll,like it does after 6500 rpm"s!!!
  14. Speaking of Diablo's AJ, let's see those powercoated wheels!
  15. Not done yet.Soon!!
  16. Come on and VOTE!! Over 300 views and 75 votes???
  17. Uh, Dave, with every new post, everyone who looks at the thread again adds a view. So this means that 75 people have looked at this thread 5 times each, as new posts are added.

    In reality, with 13 posts, probably 30 people have been following the thread more closely and have been racking up the 'views.' 300 people have not seen the thread - probably 75!
  18. Ryalex called it.

    The Ferrari die-hards seem to stay away from this section like its the plague, and I doubt they want to check out a "tractor beauty pageant". ;)

  19. LMAO!!Tractor beauty pageant.That is great!!
  20. How come the Murci votes are piling up?Has a Murci owner figured out how to keep voting?LOL
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  22. Thanks for the clarification. I assumed that these views were unique IP's!
  23. Hey,thats my interior!!Nice pic.
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    Small the world!!! :)

    That photo I have found it making a search on GOOGLE.

    However beautiful insides have your Diablo, even if I prefer the clear colors for the leather.
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  25. Murcielago!

    I drove one. :D

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