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F car owners who have entered the "Dark Side"

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. I know of at least 6. But would love to see pics of those F car owners, or former F car owners, who have ventured to the "Dark Side". Pics of the F car and the Lambo would be great. And maybe a little story to how it happened!!
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    Had six Ferraris (so far ). Pics of most were posted in the monthly newsletter, which i assume got wiped in the great flood. You can see my last one in the January 2002 issue of R & T as the featured car- black/black 550 Barchetta. Now driving, well you know... (and went for a 400 mile drive today, no worries :)) But, for old times sake:
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  4. Thats what I'm talkin about!! Excellent!!!!!!!!!!! 400 mile drive. Where, and anything Lambo like happen?
  5. Bill,

    Stunning first photo. :)

    And I want to know the answer to this as well:


    34 DD's? :D
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  7. I started with the dark side.

    I then ventured to the rebellion.

    I then followed my destiny back to the dark side. (I still have some of the rebellion inside of me. - "I can feel it." - There is still good inside me.)
  8. No Ralph, there is no good left inside. DO NOT KID YOURSELF!!

  9. Only from the Box.
  10. Well, i have to admit that the reaction i get to this car is unlike any other. I get somebody in a Toyota something or other, almost climbs up my ass, pulls parallel, checks me out- middle-aged woman, not bad, she then accelerates away, easily clipping a hundred. Ditto a couple of other drivers, including an old guy driving a 10 year old purple caddy with a vinyl roof. He tried to pass me on the twisties in the Delaware Water Gap- those are wide easy curves, easily taken at 3 figure speeds, but it's a state park, so i just ain't gonna race grandpa. And yes, one chicklet driving some motha' sized Lexus SUV who just kept giving me these come hither looks. The only other time i experienced that because of a car was when i made the mistake of asking the concierge at the Peninsula in BH for a lift down to the Ferrari dealer there- I'm not a regular at that hotel and didn't realize the house car is a roller. So, i'm sitting in the back, in traffic somewhere near Rodeo Drive (yikes!) and this hot babe in a new SL (of course the car's top is down) is really checking me out. Figuring, well, most of those lame-assed lawyers and agents drive S's and 74_ whatevers. Maybe this guy is for me. I just felt sooo used and superficial....
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  12. THe "special" box? :D

    I think she can feel it ;)
  13. Gotta ask, are you married Bill?

    So this is what I gotta buy to feel like that!!!!
  14. Totally what I was looking for. Very Lambo like, and you are taking to it like a drunk to..... er, I mean a duck to water.
  15. Yeah, yeah.....so how was she? :D

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    my 512tr and 360....and of course the beast...

    it freaks me out when some people actually alter the course of their travel and start tailgating me until i get to my destination. btw, this only happens in the lambo

    most of the time, it isn't a big deal. regardless of how hurry or late i am, i often spend as much time as it takes to strike up conversation, allow them to go sit inside and take pictures or even give rides if it's kids; however it gets a little uncomfortable when they follow me...."home" especially at night. it would have been different if they were beautiful women but unfortunately, most of these road stalkers tend to be "guys" in juice up muscle car and tatoos....... :D
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  17. more reasons to move out of KS and to a real state!!!! :D

    Also with your physique, not sure if they are following you for the car, or for your looks! :eek:

    Beautiful cars tom. :) What you getting next?

  18. ryan,

    granted, this is one of the least heterosexual thing i've heard but that sounds nice and very sweet... :D :D LOL.

  19. Certainly welcome. :) I figured since you know of my committment problems, you would take it just the way I mean it. :)

  20. :D

    you got it, pLaYeR !!!!

  21. learning it from my L car owning, kansas living, world traveling, banging new model every week, guru :D
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  23. Uh oh I think Ryan's about to propose to Bill LOL
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  25. .......Just wait unti Ryan gets his LA Playboy, purple Murcielago Roadster with gold interior and purple stitching.

  26. NICE TOYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What are you itchin for next ? Ha ha !!
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