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Exhaust System for GALLARDO

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by PatrickShim, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. Who makes the best exhaust system for Gallardos? Their quality and price range? Does factory offer different exhaust options?
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  3. Meisterchaft makes an exhaust for the car. Very mild sound, muffled. 100% stainless steel, $3299

    Kreissieg also makes their valved F1 exhaust. Has a normal muffled sound for everyday driving, or when you want to really open the sound up, has a valve which likens the sound more to an F1 race car than to a street car. 100% stainless steel. $9998

    Those are the only 2 I am aware of. There could be more.
  4. Tubi hands down....
  5. That and the Kreissieg are my two favorites by a large margin.

    However I will say that Matt Nunez's Gallardo has a custom Borla exhaust on it that is really incredible, much better in person than I thought it would be based on the description.

    Frankly I don't think I've heard a bad aftermarket exhaust yet on the Gallardo's V10, and I've heard about six of them first hand personally.
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  7. What's the ballpark range of Tubi and Bolra for Gallardo? Under $4k?

    Kreissieg seems quite expensive.... $10k?
  8. Kreissieg is the best IMO as well. The price tag is a bit much to swallow though.
  9. In terms of quality, sound, pricing, and weight, it's hard to beat the Tubi system.
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  11. We have been putting some aftermarket exhausts on our Gallardos and customers have been liking the Tubi and Larini systems the best. I would say the Larini is a little louder than the Tubi, especially at higher RPMs.
  12. At least the Gallardo exhaust is not as expensive as the Kreissieg F360 Ti exhaust, $20K. I cannot believe that they are able to sell a $20K exhaust for a $150K car. I think $10K is pushing it, but $20K, c'mon.

  13. Yeah, $20k exhaust for $150k is a bit much...

    But sometimes I see $30k worth of crap on $2k cars... (bling bling stuff...) :)
  14. I have the Larini on my Gallardo. It sounds good to me but I have not heard one with Tubi or Kreissieg.
  15. tubi is like $4500 installed by a dealer if i am not mistaken and sounds great
  16. Tubi (loud version). Now I'm thinking of having the straight pipes as well and losing the cats altogether.
  17. Might also want to call Norwood's. Last time I was there, James showed me a beautiful looking Lambo exhaust they are selling. I THINK it was for the Gallardo, not sure.
  18. I stand behind the Kreissieg and I will try and get sound clips from my customer after his install. The pricing is a lil high, but I'm willing to work with all my customers!

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