Ex-Missy Diablo 6.0 at Redline!!! (Video) | LamborghiniChat

Ex-Missy Diablo 6.0 at Redline!!! (Video)

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by lashss, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. Okay, so this isn't totally Ferrari content. Ciaobaby is a well known local FChatter whose just added a 575M to his stable. We haven't seen it quite yet, but we have experienced his new Diablo 6.0 which has rapper pedigree.

    The local FChat crew is anxious to check out the 575M as soon as it arrives.

    But, he was gracious enough to show Puff and I around the Lambo. Here's what transpired:


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  3. very cool......i am totally supportive.
    damn....i am heading back up there much sooner than later.
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  5. i thought the missy diablo was totalled?

  6. I think she's had a handful of Lambos.
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  8. How could she even fit inside of one?
  9. totalled and repaired i believe
  10. Missy's first purple was in a wreck. It is still being repaired.

    This one she sold was its replacement, with no damage or accident history at all.


  11. How long does it take to fix?? That wreck was years ago.
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  13. It's at the repair facility, but no work is being done on it. The cost to fix outweighs the resale value once fixed. Good parts car for sure. :)

  14. Tom you know I am just trying to be like you :)
    let me know when you plan to visit. I think you need to stop by at least once a year to keep your honerary membership to the MAR exotic club.
  15. Oh comeon! she isnt that big.
  16. It's still for sale, as an "easy fix" :)
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  18. Nice nice diablo, ciao baby
    was that a red 360 spider as well? Don't see it in your profile ...
  19. nope the Red car is David Kassir's My financial advisor and owner of www.highrollersrun.com

    Our Ferrari is a 575m :)
  20. anybody have pics of missys diablo before it was wrecked?
  21. Why they run that stupid music over the exhaust note is beyond me.

  22. m...,

    i m flattered but for godsake you deserve a better role model :)
    will see you and everyone soon.

  23. Because the footage wasn't shot with the intention of putting the vid together, and the exhaust note you heard was really all that was captured (small digital camera). Next time, we hang extra mic's !!!
  24. Geeze tough crowd.
    I volenteer the 575M + tubi for the enhanced sound exhaust .tv bit :)
  25. Cool MK, let's do that.

    Maybe next time we'll put at least 30 seconds of planning into the feature. And hell, maybe someone will lend us a camera that doesn't operate on AA batteries and slide into a form-fitted hello kitty fanny pack.

    Actually we were somewhat overwhelmed with the great response yesterday. But I actually DID anticipate some b_tching and moaning about the music (even though trust me there was nothing worth hearing in those clips, other than the one at the end after the credits roll. You know, the one of MK's car with the exhaust he hasn't ordered yet!)

    And I'm gaga for that band, Informatik. Yeah, that's right, me and about 4 extras from an episode of SNL's Goth Talk!


    Plus it gives people something to complain about. And isn't that the most important thing in an online forum?

    Have some fun this weekend.


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