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EVO Turbo Gallardo project

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Jul 28, 2004.

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    Todd from Evoulution Motorsports Is going over at noon to look at a
    Gallardo for feasability.
    He said they had a Product development meeting this morning and the Gallardo project if it can happen is at the TOP
    of the list! He hopes to present me with a formal proposal by Friday! I'm stoked.... They would use my car as the product development car.
    I trust these guys implicitly. They did my 996TT. I put 12500 miles on their stage 4 kit. Drove the car well over 20,000 miles with their improving upgrade packages NEVER A PROBLEM!!

    If this happens I'll go ENZO hunting forget about the 430.
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  3. Nice Wayne. Good luck with the project.
  4. Hey I hope luck has NOTHING to do with it!
  5. A turbocharged lamborghini V-10...that should sound cool/different. Congratulations i hope this project happens!
  6. Isn't that what Audi shoved in the Lemans RSR concept? 550 hp TT V-10 if i recall correctly

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  8. Theirs was 600.WE are thinking 650 comfortably.
    The turbo install and intercoolers a no brainer.... the ECU is the problem
    they are working on.
  9. After driving a Gallardo, WHY THE TURBO??
  10. The Turbo PORSCHE? I had that a couple of years ago. If you mean why Turbo a Gallardo........

    You know the old saying ...."THere is NEVER enough horsepower!"

    I don't really believe that but...another 150 in this car would be sweet!!!!
  11. wow this i great news man! will they just upgrade the engine or other body parts too?
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  13. This is just a performance upgrade.
  14. A Gallardo that would blow the doors of a Murcie and make the Murcie owners jaw drop.
  15. it has 700hp. What did you expect?
  16. not to be hateful, but I recommend that one does some research before handing over your car over to Hennessey, from what I have heard, if you are not local to them they will take their sweet time on your car and even use some of your parts on other customer vehicles........they have some law suits pending from customers.......granted they have some customers that will vouch for them, but I wouldn't trust them with my Ford Fiesta
  17. P.S they haven't even installed a Twin Turbo system on a Gallardo before.....anybody wat to be the first????

  18. I would be the first for EVO but I've put 20000 miles on their Porsche upgrades so I trust them. WE have an ECU now but breakiing into it is tougher than expected.It is not a simple BOSCH application.
  19. Enzo Hunting???????????


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