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Europe Gumball busted???

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by MurcieMurcie, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. The news just showed a european"cannonball type" race that was busted and all the cars were impounded for racing on public roadways...Showed several p cars, RR Phantom, and a couple Ferraris. Anyone know anything else?
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  3. Saw it on the News ..... looks like Spain busted all the cars in the parking lot before they took off.

    Drivers had to pay fines and fees to get their cars back
  4. wow, thats gotta suck.... i bet max-a-million cooper cant be happy with all the bad publicity
  5. Current news? The same thing happened in Spain on the Gumball earlier this year. Did they run it again through Spain only months apart?

  6. That would be pushing it :)
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  8. Saw the story on CNN or FOX today
  9. Ditto and on the local NBC news channel...
  10. ....charged with suspected speeding:rolleyes:

    ....several entrants were drinking coffee at a service station.<<<What Outalws>>>I guess they must have a super low crime rate and all the LEO's are bored.
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  12. Just like Roscoe at the Queen Mary parking lot....

  13. It's a good thing they got that reckless/aggressive Rolls Royce driver!?
  14. that is BS. Dado and Dustin got caught going 194 in a 65 in Kansas and were charged 25,000 dollars. They clocked hm then caught him few miles down at a gas station.

    Suspected speeding huh? Well I was speeding today does that mean they can ticket me?
  15. When was this?
  16. Wow, you brought a thread from the dead back to life. :)
  17. i think they should appeal that ticket;)
  18. cool link dado,nice first post:cool:

    I have your dvds:)
  19. Your my hero Dado. :0
  20. brian your my hero. i dont know just are. lol

    are u guys up for 2005 cannonball? there is also casino run ive heard.

  21. Hey buddy where have you been hiding?
    We missed you, check out this site for all the latest rallys.
    Casino run is on, we will be going there web site should be up this week. I will let you know more when I get back from the JGTC race in Cali.
    Its not looking good for the Cannonball Canada this year.
    Later Brian.
  22. wasup dude,

    yes its been a long time since i heard from any of u guys

    ye i been in contact with ross and few others - def. going on casino run.

    if u see any of the guys pass on my regards,



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